10 'Me Vs. Me One Second Later' Comics That Are Seriously Relatable

A+ for effort?

You wake up ambitious and ready to seize the day. But then, life happens.

The struggle to get adult things done is one that artist Evisa Isabella Rose knows all too well. On her Instagram account, the 31-year-old illustrator turns her real life into cute, relatable comics.

Who hasn’t started cleaning their room, then prematurely given up?

Or gymed it up...for all of two minutes.

In an interview with HuffPost, Rose, who lives in Athens, Greece, said her cartoon alter ego is basically her mini-me.

“She’s an introvert dreamer with a twisted sense of humor,” she explained. “These ‘me vs. me one second later’ comics are about all the times I did the exact opposite of what I should be doing.”

See more of the hilarious, relatable comics below: