10 Men Just As Deserving Of The 'Sexiest Man Alive' Title

By now you've probably heard that Adam Levine -- Maroon 5 frontman, "The Voice" judge and soon-to-be husband of Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo -- was crowned People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive." A solid choice, sure, when you consider that in Levine's mind, he's been holding that title for 34 years straight. But we think there are other talented gentlemen out there just as worthy. Behold:

Jamie Dornan

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An Irish model-turned-actor now synonymous with all things sex-related. After all, he beat out far better known men for the role of Christian Grey.

Ian Somerhalder

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Like Ian, for example. This stunning baby-faced specimen of symmetry is not only back on the market, but a proud grandfather of eight puppies. He's also a vampire, which should guarantee he will always look like this.

Aaron Paul

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He not only wrapped up the highly acclaimed show "Breaking Bad" that propelled him into worldwide superstardom, and won every award for it, but he is also the most adorable -- and adoring -- husband mankind has ever seen.

Jake Johnson

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Sure, we might actually mean Nick Miller (of "New Girl"), but no point splitting hairs here. Johnson became the unexpected man of every girl's dreams when he swept Jess up in that tender, passionate kiss. Who's laughing now, Schmidt??

Blake Shelton

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Adam Levine's probably more deserving co-star, Shelton has more sense of humor in his right pinky than most men in Hollywood. Plus, he's one half of a stunning country duo, which no persistent rumor can break up.

Chris Hemsworth

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While baby brother Liam snagged most of the headlines this year, Chris had a big year, too. His movies ("Thor," "Rush") topped the box office, he maintained the cool, calm and collected persona of a family man and has a six-pack you can rock climb on.

Michael Ealy

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He's got eyes that feel like snuggling by the fire on cold winter days and a smile so bright that it makes that fire seem obsolete. He's also a super cop so, there's that.

Nicholas Hoult

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If not for the fact that he makes you feel deliciously guilty when you realize he's the kid from "About a Boy," and if not for those baby blues, then for the mere fact that he shared/occasionally still shares a bed with Jennifer Lawrence. Man oh man.

Neil Patrick Harris

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He can sing, he can dance, he can act, he can carry a dying show on his bare back, and he is one fourth of the most photogenic family the world has ever seen.

Kanye West

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We know, we know. But this was the year Kanye not only let his nonexistent inhibitions free with the Yeezus comparisons, it is also the year he became doting father and glorifying fiance, and the year we discovered Kanye can smile with teeth.



Woot Woot, Adam Levine