'10 Misconceptions Debunked': CGP Grey Tackles Knuckle-Cracking, Spider-Eating, And The Many Words For Snow (VIDEO)

C.G.P. Grey does his distinguished-sounding name proud with every new YouTube video he uploads. Some call him a "master edutainer." Others call him Colin Gregory Palmer Grey, because that, is his name. We call him that guy who made the Santa video. The guy with the nice voice. Just like the Slate V guy's. You know the Slate V guy? Amazing voice!

Anyway, Grey has struck again, with a video that deserves to go viral because it's good for the world. In "10 Misconceptions Rundown," which we've posted below, Grey uses his mellifluous voice to discredit widely held beliefs about arthritis, spiders, and the (admittedly easy to debunk) South Korean construct, fan death. Watch out, "Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow" people: you're about to get Greyed.