10 More Things I Learned About Prince

In the last week Prince performed in Oakland 4 times, two in concert at the Paramount Theatre, once at the Oracle Arena, and at an after-party at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

I attended the Oracle performance on March 4, Prince: Prince: Piano and a Microphone. Last year I heard him speak for 2 minutes at Paisley Park at a "dance party" that he and 3rd eye girl perform at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

I adore Prince and was simply mesmerized by his performance. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. He knows how to get high on music and take us all along for the ride.

2. He went to a Warriors game and mentioned Steph Curry in a song.

3. No one compares to him!

4. No one struts and walks with a cane like The Purple One.

5. No one is funkier than Prince.

6. No one is cooler than Prince. He doesn't have to be cool to rule my world, I just want some extra time and a KISS.

7. At 58, I am a year younger than Prince, I broke out in a BLACK SWEAT, and he sang about it.

8. He brought some holleration.

9. No one is more spiritual than Prince.

10. No one is more. funkily religious than Prince. There were thieves in the temple last night.

It was perfection in 2 hours and I was transformed.

Thank you Rosie Gaines and Vanity.

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.