10 Most Popular (+ Safest) Countries To Travel Solo

10 Most Popular (+ Safest) Countries To Travel Solo
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Is that "Travel" Pinterest board reaching an astronomical number of pins? Has another year has passed without that passport even being been touched? There's no time like the present, ladies! If you are planning on embarking on a solo trip or are just toying with the idea, know that you are going to come against some fear and "what if's" from those nearest and dearest to you. BUT with a positive attitude and general travel smarts, there are plenty of places in the world where you can feel totally safe on your own. After checking out the recent World Justice Report where countries are ranked on safety, we're listing these 10 top picks for where to book a flight ASAP.


1. Iceland: The land of fire and ice is definitely more "on fire" lately, with stunning photos popping up all over travel blogs. Once you've worn out your legs exploring the gorgeous natural beauty, make sure you check out the capital's bright music scene and nightlife. Or just get married there. The photos will be drop-dead gorgeous. (Photo via Matt Cardy/Getty)


2. Scandinavia: The three countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are filled with so much beautiful scenery that you might need to bring an extra camera. You can forget about Disneyland, because both Norway and Denmark consistently rank as some of the happiest places on earth. And you'll definitely come home with some great finds for an authentic "Scandi" home decor. (Photo via Simon Hoffman/Getty)


3. New Zealand: No, you don't have to be a Lord of the Rings enthusiast to be blown away by the natural scenery of this tiny country. Australia is amazing, but New Zealand might just be a tiny bit better thanks to there being zero creepy crawly things that want to bite you. (Photo via Anna-Lena Elled/Getty)


4. Thailand: Going to Thailand is the perfect opportunity to walk white sand beaches, enjoy tasty food and explore a fantastic culture, all while being completely blown away by the kindness of the locals. It's also a great destination for both budget and luxury travelers since you can often find inexpensive five-star resorts. (Photo via Paula Bronstein/Getty)


5. Canada: We often forget about the amazing country just to our north, which is a shame because Canada has a lot of offer. Whether you're the outdoorsy type who wants to climb a mountain or you're a coffee and food lover who would be more at home in the big cities, there's something for everyone. Head over to Quebec and you'll feel like you've landed in France. (Photo via Cameron Spencer/Getty)


6. Ireland: You probably won't get a tan on this trip, but Ireland is completely magical. While wandering across the countryside, you're likely to stumble across a castle, an excellent beer or two and some fantastic people. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Gerard Butler look-alikes. (Photo via Patrick Bolger/Getty)


7. Costa Rica: If you're looking to reconnect with your inner zen, Costa Rica's serene beaches and plethora of yoga retreats, outdoor adventures and ocean views are sure to nourish your soul and your tan. If you'd rather not relax, go get hyped up on some of the best coffee on earth. (Photo via Matt Cardy/Getty)


8. Slovenia: Europe is always a safe travel bet, but if you're looking to get away from the crowds, think Slovenia. Once you learn where Slovenia is (it's tucked between Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy), you'll love the fact that no one else knows about this hidden jewel of Europe. Since it's not too popular with tourists, prices aren't as high as they would be in other countries, but you still can enjoy safe streets and romantic European views. If you've got the cash flow, the Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana is a MUST. (via Plaza Hotel)


9. Singapore: Thanks to Singapore's fantastic public transportation that connects the entire country, you won't have to rely on pricey cabs. If you love the glitz and glamour of the big city, you definitely need to head to this sparkling metropolis where you'll find first-class food, lodging and shopping galore. (Photo via Chris McGrath/ Getty)


10. Japan: Japan is consistently ranked as one of the safest places in the world. The people are incredibly hospitable and will often come up to help you if you look the slightest bit lost. Many lodging options are designed with single travelers in mind (be prepared for small), and while you're there, you might as well get your nails done with some of the coolest nail art ever. (Photo via Koichi Kamoshida/Getty)

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