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10 Music Venues in Europe Locals Love

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It goes without saying that music can take you to a whole new dimension: it gives you rush of emotions and makes you feel alive. Every major European city has one or more "live music temples" where local people gather together and enjoy the flow of music, an exceptional atmosphere and each other's company.

Check out this list of 10 local favorite music venues in Europe that will leave you speechless.

Image by AC Uribe

Do you think that opera is not your cup of tea? Then think again! Liceu will offer you a wide range of performances: from contemporary to an old classics. Although our local spotter Cinthya says that it may be difficult to get ticket to La Bohème and Die Zauberflöte (they are super popular amongst locals), but you can also choose from a broad list of other shows of season 2016-2017, so just keep checking! Special offer for students: you can get a special discount if you will buy tickets at the same day of the show. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the spectacular show.

Image by Kasper Vogelzang

Ready to travel to Milky Way? It's not that far away, you can find it in Amsterdam! Melkweg (dutch translation for Milky Way) is a complete hotspot for the music of a high quality. This music venue mostly includes concerts and festivals, BUT you can also visit exhibitions (they are free!) or go to the movie session. Melkweg offers a wide range of events, so if you are on your way to a hectic Amsterdam, don't forget to grab a ticket and enjoy a festival of sounds. No regrets!

Image by Davy Verbeke

Have you ever stayed late in train station in order to... dance to a concert? Nope, I'm not joking. This special place is called Brussels-Congress train station (Gare de Bruxelles - Congrès). This train station works only during weekdays till 7 p.m., but on weekends it gets completely silent...till the music hits the platform! The atmosphere of underground station, a blurry light, vibration and music... What else do you need for an unforgettable experience in Brussels?

Image by Cindy Fonvig

Do you feel that you need to bring some style to your life? Then go for Vega! This posh music venue in Copenhagen successfully gathers local people to their favorite music events almost every day of the week. The venue is divided into two scenes - Lille Vega and Store Vega - that have separate bars and balconies. Our local spotter Cindy mentioned that it's quite easy to get lost... Hence, if you want to feel Copenhagen's nightlife and at the same time bring yourself to the dancefloor, then Vega is a perfect choice!

Image by Sabrina Grohsebner

Vienna and classical music - can you imagine a more perfect combination? Actually, you can. A local spotter Sabrina highly recommends The Musical University of Vienna (MDW). The University invites all music enthusiasts to its beautiful auditoriums to listen to classical music...for free! The idea is pretty simple: students present their progress and talents to the public. In exchange, they gain some invaluable experience and you get a perfect opportunity to feel an omnipresent musical spirit of Vienna. The list of events is really wide, so it's up to you which one you will pick, all of them are worth the attention!

Image by Sofia Skioti

Technopolis, which is located in Athens, is probably the most exceptional venues from all of the list. Why? The answer is simple: it is established in a former gas factory which was transformed to modern cultural venue. Although most of the events include festivals and gigs, you can also find temporary exhibitions or visual and applied arts' installations. Sometimes the entrance to Technopolis is absolutely free, so if you are lucky enough, you will get there without paying a dime!

Image by Hélène Bienvenu

Let's drift away from other music venues...Literally. A 38 is a floating concert hall where various concerts take place. To be more clear, A 38 is a ship that hosts a wide range of events that are insanely popular among locals: starting with cozy jazz gigs, ending with well-known bands and artists. It is usually quite crowded, but believe me, when you will get there, it will instantly become one of your favorite places in Budapest. By the way, A 38 is a favourite stage of our spotter Hélène!

Image by Andrea Chirulescu

It is well-known fact that churches have a perfect acoustic's which makes music go with the flow. So why not transforming it to a music venue? And that's what Norwegians did. Kulturkirken Jakob - a neo-gothic church in Oslo - was perfectly turned into cultural venue where concerts, art exhibitions and visual arts take place. The main goal for this place is to promote any forms of art. So, if you think that church is a perfect place not only for a peacefulness, but also for a cultural events and especially music, then go for it!

Image by Andrew Sidford

If the church in Oslo can become a perfect music venue than so does the chapel! Union Chapel in London, unlike the Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo, still gathers its religious community. It wasn't transformed into completely modern venue and that's why this place has a special atmosphere. No modern twists, just Victorian Gothic architecture, perfect acoustic's, you and music. What else do you need for a momentous experience?

Image by Šarūnas Andriušaitis

Loftas is probably the most popular music venue in Vilnius and here is why. It is a huge former factory which was made into the up-to-date club where action takes place every weekend (and even during weekdays!). Its industrial surroundings, inside and outside, gives the place a special vibe which makes you come back for more. Loftas even has its own festival called Loftas Fest which usually hits the ground in the beginning of September. So, if you want to feel a great spirit of Vilnius's nightlife, go straight to Loftas!
P.S. Loftas also collaborates with Lithuania's designers and organizes Uptown Market where you can buy everything from handmade bags or hand-printed dresses to eco-friendly cosmetics. Highly recommended!

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