10 Of The Best Airbnbs In Carolina, Puerto Rico

Airbnb bookings in Carolina, Puerto Rico, have increased more than 600 percent from 2018.
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While we’d expect most people packing their suitcases this time of year to be headed to a spring break hotspot like Miami or Cancún, the travel experts at Airbnb say that’s not the case in 2019.

Airbnb just released its list of the top-trending spring travel destinations for 2019. The data compares bookings for spring this year with last year to find the season’s hottest trending getaways. As it turns out, travelers in 2019 are looking at less touristy destinations like Monterrey, Mexico; Carolina, Puerto Rico; and Santos, Brazil for spring vacations.

According to Airbnb, a growing trend is travelers booking in places recently affected by natural disasters to help those communities rebuild. San Juan, Puerto Rico, for example, was a must-visit travel destination prior to Hurricane Maria, but guest arrivals have gone up by nearly 400 percent since spring last year.

The neighboring town of Carolina, Puerto Rico, is home to the breathtaking beach of Isla Verde and plenty of restaurants and nightlife. Carolina actually beat San Juan on Airbnb’s spring destination list, with bookings increasing 643 percent over last year.

If you’re eyeing a beachfront getaway this spring, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular Airbnbs in Carolina, Puerto Rico, so you can start searching for the perfect place.

Take a look below:

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This boho chic apartment with an ocean view — from $250/night
This apartment is near the beach and has plenty of amenities like a pool, gym, and laundry. Check it out.
This oceanfront one-bedroom with an amazing view — from $105/night
This condo has direct access to the beach, a pool, and plenty of modern amenities. Check it out.
This beachfront studio with an amazing pool — from $105/night
This apartment complex has plenty of amenities and is just steps from the beach. Check it out.
The huge home with a private pool — from $199/night
This home has 12 bedrooms and is only a short walk to the beach. Check it out.
This beachfront condo with great views — from $125/night
This condo has direct access to the beach, a pool, and plenty of modern amenities. Check it out.
This beachfront apartment — from $105/night
This cozy apartment is only steps away from Isla Verde beach. Check it out.
This simple beachfront studio — from $65/night
Just steps away from the beach, this cozy studio is a steal. Check it out.
This oceanfront apartment with plenty of natural light — from $120/night
Closer to the San Juan area, this apartment is just steps from the beach. Check it out.
This oceanfront apartment — from $130/night
This condo is steps from the beach and has a pool and modern amenities. Check it out.
This penthouse with an ocean view — from $129/night
Super spacious with a spa-like bathroom. Check it out.
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