10 Of The Best Gifts For Kids That'll Grow With Them

Toys that won’t make it into next year’s clean out bag.

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Gifts that'll keep your little one's attention all year long.
Gifts that'll keep your little one's attention all year long.

’Tis the season … for the age-old pre-holidays cleanup cycle. It’s time to grab the Hefty and comb the playroom to clear out last year’s now-unused gift haul before adding new items to the toy box this holiday season.

If we’re honest, your kids probably ditched half of those new sparkly presents in March, and you’ve spent the last nine months trying to entice them with something that will hold their interest until the holidays roll around again. It’s an unsustainable cycle that leaves many parents wondering how they can do things differently next year.

Never fear. We’ll point you toward purchases that will actually grow with your child throughout the year and that won’t make it into next year’s clean out bag.

Take a look below:

"My Very Own Name" Book
Try as you might to teach your kids to receive gifts well, the reality is that nobody’s more self-centered than a child during the holidays. Fortunately this sweet book is all about them. An upgrade from the mundane “Choose Your Own Adventure” tales of yore, the beautiful illustrations and the ability to customize your kiddo’s name are what make this book enchanting time and time again. Get it on Amazon.
"Name A Star" Gift Box
You love them to the moon and back, so why not dedicate a star to them! This gift box includes details about the star and a wall map to help locate your kid’s personalized star. Be sure to toss a kid-friendly telescope into their stocking so they can explore the starry night. Get it on Amazon.
ECR4Kids Building Blocks Kit
Advanced builders have endless options with this set, and beginners can sort by color and shape. Plus, parents who know the intolerable pain of stepping on a Lego will appreciate that stepping on these puppies will feel more like acupressure than an obscenity-laced crime scene. Get it at Target.
Tree Planting Kit
This sentimental gift has a price tag we love, plus a very literal grow-with-your-child promise. From planting and tending, to watching it grow with them, this keepsake adds beauty and memories for years to come. Choose from any number of trees for the most ideal fit for your climate. Get it on Amazon.
A STEM Club Subscription Box rrom Amazon
Choose the age range for your little one, and let Amazon do the work for you of sourcing useful, engaging and fun gifts they’ll eagerly await month after month. Each month your kid will receive STEM toys that are handpicked by experts to provide explorations of electricity, earth science and simple math through hands-on projects and fun guides. Learn more about STEM Club on Amazon.
Apples to Apples Junior
This game set has an accompanying adult version as well, so you can graduate skill level (and appropriateness of answers) alongside your child’s growing sense of humor. Get it on Amazon.
ZoZoplay STEM Learning Toy Pipes
Consider this your warning: some of these sets include pieces that are whistles. (We don't understand it either.) Toss them away immediately, and you’ll have a STEM gift your younger kiddos will love for months and years to come. Get it on Amazon.
Alphabet Lacing Cards
Melissa and Doug products are the cream of the crop for children's learning and play toys. These sturdy lacing cards help children solve problems, increase their hand-eye coordination, improve dexterity and have the chance to learn both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet while they play. Get them from Target.
Raddish Cooking Kit For Kids
Give the gift of more gifts. Each month this kid-friendly cooking kit arrives with three new recipes, a creative kitchen project, a new kitchen tool, table-talk conversation starters and a grocery list to encourage new skills and fun for the whole family around the dinner table. Designed for ages 4 to 14, the kit comes with a suggested shopping list (they don’t come with groceries or ingredients) and easy-to-follow recipes. It's affordable at only $24 a box, but you'll get your first box for just $8.88. Learn more on Amazon.
Tuscom Doctor Pretend Play Set
This comprehensive doctor’s kit and cart will provide hours of imaginative play on stuffed animals, parents, caretakers and friends. Better still, the cart acts as its own toy organizer so you can teach your little once the importance of picking up when they’re done playing. Get it at Walmart .