10 of the Most Diverse High Schools in Illinois

Illinois' top high schools tout the high-quality educations they can give their students, top-performing athletic programs or unique extra-curricular activities. But having a diverse student body is increasingly becoming another point of pride among high schools in Illinois as another way for students to learn about the world around them.

Niche.com ranked the 100 most diverse public high schools in Illinois by measuring four factors: most represented ethnicity, gender diversity, survey responses from students and parents regarding their opinions about a particular school's culture and diversity, as well as free/reduced lunch rates.

Requirements for schools to be ranked:

At the time of calculation, our database contained records for 22,985 public high schools. For the purposes of this ranking, a public high school is considered to be a school that offers 12th grade, has at least 5 enrolled seniors, and has an average grade size of at least 15 students schoolwide. Schools were not included in the ranking process if they did not meet these minimum requirements. The final ranking results in 21,211 high schools receiving a grade, with 9,538 of those also receiving a numerical ranking.

The 25th through 16th most diverse high schools in Illinois:











Check out the 15 most diverse high schools in Illinois at Reboot Illinois, plus see the methodology Niche used to create these rankings.

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