10 Of The Most Politically Incorrect Investments You Can Make (PHOTOS)

Cigarette makers, war profiteers, oil drillers -- they're great for your bottom line.

As Libya endorses BP stock, and others quietly follow suit, it begs the question of what investors should do when it comes to a controversial, albeit wildly profitable, company. (When it comes to banks, Arianna has suggested that Americans move their money out of risk-loving, "too big to fail" banks.")

For some politicians, the politically-correct answer is to liquidate, just as the Clintons did with their shares in pharmaceutical and oil companies. Peridot Management (and Seeking Alpha contributor) Chad Berry has no qualms investing in sin stocks but, rather, suggests boycotting the product in real life.

Does the fact that a company is large and publicly-traded mean investors should buy it with a clear conscience? With companies like those listed below, it's certainly a tough call. Check out some of the most politically incorrect investments that money can buy -- and leave your suggestions for companies we may have missed in the comments section.