10 of the Worst Dates Ever

First dates are awkward enough when they're going smoothly, so you can only imagine the horrors of a date that is going terribly wrong. You know you have imagined it, too (if you haven't already experienced it yet, that is): you're on your way to a first date, and your palms are sweaty while worst-case scenarios swirl around your head. Some people make it through their date without incident (and feel a little silly for imagining such absurd things to begin with), but some people have their worst fears realized- and we've asked these people to share their stories for our own viewing pleasure (and reassurance!) that it happens to everyone. It's a part of life, so laugh it off, albeit, a bit nervously. Read on for ten of the "worst-date scenarios" ever experienced, and be thankful these haven't happened to you (yet). And share your own if you've got one!

1. The Player
"I went to a bar with a guy who complained about being tired the entire time and said little else. He played candy crush until the cheerleaders came out on TV during the football game that was playing, then told me, 'I'm awake now!'"

2. The Relationship Rehasher
"He kept bringing up my past relationships on the first date and then he was a terrible kisser, which was just the icing on the cake that I didn't intend on eating."

3. The Cheap Skate
"A guy took me out to the movies and only bought one ticket for himself and let me in the back door."

4. The Bad Boy
"I was young and not smart enough to know better, but I got in the car with my date who had decided to smoke one before we left, and we ended up getting pulled over by the cops. When the cop asked where we were coming from, my date answered that we just had pizza back when we were in California. We were still in California. He was clearly on more drugs than he let on."

5. The Socially Backward
"My date took me to the fair and bought a single plate of food and didn't tell me whether we were sharing it or not. So to avoid any potential awkwardness, I just told him that I wasn't hungry. But I was starving."

6. The Opportunist
"Well, it was actually the worst date I've almost been on, and that's because I drove an hour in traffic to meet a guy at a coffee joint just to get stood up. When I asked why he wasn't there, he told me he got held up with friends, but I could meet him at his place. I told him I'd rather sit through double the traffic on the way home than do that."

7. The Momma's Boy
"I went on a first date with a guy at a restaurant and he showed up with an older woman who turned out to be our waitress. She kept complimenting on how good we looked together and checked on us every five minutes. At the end of the meal, she came up to us, told us she'd taken care of the bill, and then told my date she'd see him at home. He turned to me and said, 'I hope you liked my mom'. It's safe to say we never had a second date."

8. The Overindulger
"I went to a festival with this guy who ate too much and puked on me on the Ferris wheel."

9. The English Major
"I went out with a guy who recited an entire Thomas Hobbes piece to me before asking if we could hook up in the alley behind his house."

10. The Flat-Out Jerk
"I met up with a guy for coffee only to be ditched halfway through the date when he found out I had a PhD. Wouldn't want to be with someone that insecure, anyway!"