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10 Out of the Box Shelving Ideas

Go rustic with repurposed wood, go industrial with pipes and hardware, go modern with interestingly shaped boxes and bins -- take something you already own, and create a style all your own.
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Shelves are great for function and style, and not having enough of them can be incredibly frustrating (where are you going to keep the extra toilet paper?!). But if you let yourself think outside the box, you can turn almost anything with a flat surface into a shelf. Go rustic with repurposed wood, go industrial with pipes and hardware, go modern with interestingly shaped boxes and bins -- take something you already own, and create a style all your own.

1. A Classic But a Goodie - a Ladder

Ladder Display Shelves via Hometalker Pretty Handy Girl

Ladder shelves are on the rise! Interesting, free standing, and with plenty of storage space - You almost want to repurpose your current ladder and just say goodbye to dusting your light fixtures and ceiling corners in exchange for some great bedside shelves.

2. Vintage Crates and Wire Baskets

Vintage Crate and Wire Basket Shelves via Hometalker Sort of Fairy Tale

These shelves can be made with any old wire baskets and wooden crates, which is incredible considering their unique and classic effect. Showcase any antique or vintage pieces in this rustic and charming DIY creation (Do It Yourshelf).

3. Interestingly Shaped Boxes

Easy DIY Hexagon Wall Shelves via Hometalker Making Lemonade Blog

While this concept is shockingly simple, the modern high-end outcome is a divine way to showcase art or small objects. These statement box shelves are not strong enough for heavy storage, but they go up quickly and show off proudly, and they're a great alternative to hanging wall art.

4. Unhinged Cabinet Doors

Repurposing Cabinet Doors via Hometalker Abby Feistel

If you're doing any home renovation (like upgrading your kitchen cabinets), don't throw scraps away. Instead, turn them into interesting storage space, like this cabinet door shelf, by giving them a bold paint job and mounting them on your wall.

5. Antique Printer's Tray

New Shelf From Printer Tray via Hometalker Denise on a Whim

Every now and then you come across some interesting piece and think, how can I use this in my home? Is it flat? At least on one side? Because if so, you've found the perfect solution right here! Easily turn any interesting piece, like this antique printer's tray, into a decorative shelf.

6. Old Wooden Magazine Holders

DIY Bathroom Shelves via Hometalker Sweet Parrish Place

Bathrooms need ample stowaway space for toilet paper, towels, cosmetics, and so much more. In fact, for the smallest room in your house, a lot is expected of its storage capacity. Equip your bathroom with all the space you need, by adding shelves, like these repurposed wooden magazine holders.

7. Slightly Broken Sled

Slightly Broken Sled Wall Shelf via Hometalker Denise on a Whim

If it's broke, don't fix it, just repurpose it! This slightly damaged sled became a fully functional shelf, with a personality of its own. Not to mention, if you're lucky, the right upcycle might be just the design centerpiece you need to create specific holiday or event themed decor.

8. Folded Shutter

Shutter Shelf via Hometalker Lisa H

Shutter repurposes are a special favorite of the DIY community, and it's no wonder why. This beautiful vintage piece creates compelling wall art, and because of its hinges, all it takes to turn it into a sturdy shelf is some interesting hardware and a couple of screws.

9. Chunks of Post

One Post to Nine Rustic Shelves via Hometalker My Patch of Blue Sky

While these aren't quite shelves, they make fabulous, bold wall display posts. Build them with larger chunks or wood to hold more supplies, are copy this exact look, to display a set of dishes or collection of pottery.

10. Open Wicker Baskets

Baskets to Open Shelves via Hometalker The Kim Six Fix

Like the crates and metal baskets, these wicker basket shelves are simple to install and create immediate adorable storage. Follow this design, and get yourself some simple glass cosmetics jars to store small supplies in an enchanting way.

Do you support this creative shelving endevour? If you need more convincing or some ideas for your own repurposed shelves, find any look you can imagine on Hometalk's Shelving Ideas topic to get started.

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