10 New York Painters, 10 New York Palettes

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There is a great blog on the Huff Post by John Seed about California artists' palettes. Not to be out done by the left coast, I've gathered a bunch of east coast palettes together. Let's call it a Dance-Off. Palettes are delicious things, whether they are full of layers of frosting-like smears or collections of neatly displayed art supplies. Like eye candy, they are here for our enjoyment. But they are also aesthetic artifacts in which we can often see the subsequent offspring. They are the nails and hammer, the flour and egg, the duck tape and Bisquick (out of which, my brother and I agree, anything can be made) of painting, printing and collage. I'm starting the slide show out with a photo of Jackson Pollock's studio floor. See what I mean?

Jackson Pollock's studio floor

10 Painters 10 Palettes: New York

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