10 Perfect Gifts For The Non-Binary People In Your Life

Affordable health care is sure to be a hit!

Looking for the perfect gift for your gender neutral friend at work or school? Trying to woo that cute queer in the coffee shop down the street? Try out these amazing products that will be sure to win the hearts of genderqueers and lovely non-binary rebels in your life. No matter whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, a date, or any time of the year, these gifts are sure to be a hit!

Acknowledging Their Existence

That one cousin who told you that ze is “genderfluid” will be astonished when you present hir with this game-changer of a gift. It can be difficult to find time out of your binary worldview to acknowledge that gender is an ever-expanding concept, but rest assured that your non-binary friends will see that you are doing your bare-minimum best! Also, this particular model comes with a secret bonus feature: The longer you give this gift, the more you will begin to think past making arbitrary assumptions about what’s in other people’s pants!

Using Their Correct Pronouns

This gem of a gift comes with little to no effort on your part and will do wonders for that strained relationship with that cute barista you keep misgendering. Simply ask what a person wants to be called by, stop worrying about propriety and grammar, and listen to them! DIY projects have never been easier! With a little bit of practice, making this product will come easy for anyone of any grammatical skill level.

Affordable Health Care

Imagine a gift that could literally save someone’s life! Show your favorite enby how much you love them by giving them the gift of Affordable Health Care! Imagine what they could do if they were not forced to pay outrageous prices for medical treatment, routine appointments, and mental health services. Show them you actually care about them by upgrading them to Universal and Trans-Inclusive Healthcare so that we can eliminate all of that classist, cissexist nonsense!

Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex

Have you ever thought: “gee, I sure do wish the United States would stop incarcerating black, brown, and queer people for profit.”? We have too! This special “Pink and Black” offer comes with a toolkit so that you and your favorite gender-outlaw can hit the streets and start organizing to end prison slavery. This offer also comes with the FTP End Police Brutality pack from now until the revolution is actualized! For more on this product visit here to find an offer near you.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This hot new gift is whizzing its way to fame as one of the most popular gifts to give non-binary folks this year! There is no better gift for that gym regular who shows up in full running shorts and no coat in the dead of winter so that zhe can avoid those pesky gendered locker rooms! These relatively simple gifts go a long way in preventing dehydration, urinary problems, and gastrointestinal issues. So give the gift that keeps on giving and help a loved one escape your gendered bullshit!

Educating Yourself About Non-Binary People in Your Life Your genderqueer co-worker will go head-over-gender-neutral-heels for this inexpensive but hard to come by gift for xer. It doesn’t take long to get on your computer, to make it to your local library, or queer ally support group to craft up a basic understanding of what non-binary people are. This quick and easy gift is perfect for people with no experience at all! For a good beginner’s guide check out this webpage and start making the genderqueer in your life feel less like an encyclopedia!

Saving the Dying Planet

Show your agender sweetheart how much you love em by not letting ‘em die a sweltering, oily, lead-filled watery death by fighting to prevent the premature destruction of this planet. AS A BONUS: You also get to live on this planet.

End the Cis-Heteropatriarchy

This gift will definitely be a show stopper at the next holiday office party! Take a stand against transmisogyny and heteronormativity by giving your transfemme friends your unconditional solidarity. Step into the movement with a life-long membership for you and your loved ones who are living it anyways! Break that binary and be an accomplice to your friends in the struggle with the complete life-long subscription which includes: ending homophobia, sexism, cissexism, racism, classism, and all other forms of fascism. Non-refundable.

Destroy Capitalism

Imagine a world where human beings are not seen as worthy because of their perceived productivity, but are instead seen as inherently worthy. Give your favorite androgynous acquaintance from high school the gift of destroying capitalism, because ne is worth it and you are worth it too! Disclaimer: may lead to an alternative means of coexisting with one another, collective living, and the destruction of the concept of property.

Celebrate Trans Lives

Show your trans and non-binary friends you love them by celebrating their stories. Listen to what they have to say about the world, about their lives, and show up for them when it matters. Remember that their narratives are important and deserve to be shared. Celebrate their vitality while respecting their privacy and honoring their personhood. Take them seriously when they tell you something.

Resist with us. Learn with us. Grow with us.