10 Photos That Show How Beautiful Gray Hair Really Is

These women have gray hair—and they're embracing it.

Jessica Lnenicka, a 39-year-old photographer from Seattle, pulls her hair back into a ponytail that’s both simple and sleek.

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Pino Montesdeoca, a model from Spain, showcases her long, loose waves.

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Marci Beighley, a children’s book illustrator, shared a photo of her pixie cut, writing: “I started going gray as a teenager. It was a big hit in art school! I decided to dye my hair after having my second baby girl because I felt tired and was afraid my gray made me look tired too. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was a mistake! I’m 36 now with a full head of silver! I adore my gray and will never dye again!”

Mildred Bean, a life coach also known as @naturalsilversista, has an Instagram feed filled with photos of her vibrant curls.

Wako, a fashionista based in Tokyo, wears her gray hair as an elegant bob.

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Kristina Beaty, the owner of Studio Glamour Hair Salon in Detroit, gave one of her clients this beautiful updo.

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The one word to describe Judith Davis’ hair: flowing. The professional model’s natural color is a focal point in photos like this one.

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#greyhairdontcare is a mantra for Carla Kemp, a personal assistant with close-cropped curls.

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Lyn Slater, the founder of Accidental Icon, has gained a cult following on Instagram for her edgy style, and shattering stereotypes of aging.

Tutti Sutton, the co-founder of a brand strategy firm, debuts a bold gray mohawk. Sutton, who went gray in her 30s, writes that her hair has been with her through “thick and thin,” including numerous hair styles and two years of baldness during breast cancer and chemotherapy.

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