10 Places to Find Your Spring Fling

Swap your fur coats for dresses and dispose of your winter woes -- spring is just around the corner and it's time to embrace the season.
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Swap your fur coats for dresses and dispose of your winter woes - spring is just around the corner and it's time to embrace the season. We've heard a lot of stories about love ending on Never Liked It Anyway, but there's also new love blooming all over the place. Unlike our winter days of gingerbread lattes and vegging out on the sofa, spring means warmer nights, lighter skies and shedding our winter layers (both the jackets and the cocoa and cookie layer that seemed to pile on). But it's also a time for new beginnings. Think 'Do a little dance, make a little love' and get down with the no strings attached. It's called a Spring Fling for a reason, so here are our tips to look out for a Spring Fling in all kinds of ways!

Check Out At The Check Out
They say food is the way to any man’s heart, but we’re all the same when it comes to satisfaction. Take a look at who buys the same groceries as you. Maybe it’s a fine bottle of crisp chardonnay or even a jar of Nutella – your taste buds are the foreground for conversation!
Tango At The Tattoo Parlor
If you want a moment of blissful freedom – look out for sleeves and back tattoos – nothing says ‘Screw my ex’ more than an fleeting romance and with that patterned arm around your waist, you’ll lose yourself in their embrace. You’ll find these guys everywhere at a tattoo parlor.
The Market Men
From Seattle to Philadelphia, markets are big. Who doesnt want a fling with a guy that knows good food, good wine and knows what to do with it. Plus, there are always Italian hotties manning the stalls, ready to sell you a bargain. Just make sure you barter in a fling.
Hello Annual Hair Shows
Long locks of tousled greatness or cropped bed head hair from the 90’s – there’s something about a chaotic mane that just sings ‘No worries’ – Hakuna Matata anyone?
Coffee Shop Connection
There are no innocent bystanders with their nose in a book in a coffee shop – they may look like they’re lost in another world, but really they’re keeping an eye out for someone to make their own world a little more interesting – Ask yourself, could this be you?
Gig & Open Mic Escapades
They’re artists and they’re good with their hands. Need we say more?
Find Me In The Club
We’ve all had moments with strangers where our eyes meet, we blush, we swoon and nothing ever comes of it! Public transport can be a journey from hell but it’s a daily sacrifice that has endless opportunities – all kinds of people travel communally so there’s no excuse not to find a Spring Fling.
Find Me In The Club
Music to the soul, alcohol-filled confidence and swaying to the sounds of both your favorite artists! You’re already in the right place at the right time so take a chance and get swept off your feet. Literally!
Foreign Language Classes...Oui, Oui, Oui!
Linguists know all about culture; different food, different music, different styles. Let your foreign fatale takes the driver’s seat and shows you what the world has to offer, in your own back yard.
Love Is In The Air!