10 Probing Questions For The IRS (PHOTOS)

IRS, You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do

After The IRS reportedly targeted conservative groups with "Tea Party" in the name for extra tax scrutiny, the Attorney General is launching an investigation. We've got 10 tough, probing questions one might ask the IRS in that investigation.

1. Did you target Tea Party groups?
tea party

2. Do you think you're so cool just because you're the IRS?
cool guy

3. Have you ever had to sit through three H&R Block commercials in a row?
hr block

4. Are hugs tax deductible?

5. Does an orchid count as a dependent? They're very particular.

6. Is having to mark "single" on your tax forms meant to widen the gaping void of loneliness?
tax form

7. Can a cat serve as the head of household if it makes more money than me?
money cat

8. What's it like looking at Beyonce's taxes?

9. Is TurboTax really powered by a turbine?

10. Hypothetically, would someone who eats Yogurt Burst Cheerios for every meal qualify for tax exempt status?

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