10 Qualities That Are Not Essential to a Great Partner

two lovely glass on rainy day window background  in vintage color tone
two lovely glass on rainy day window background in vintage color tone

It's easy to lose sight of what's important in a relationship. Sometimes people can be a tad bit superficial and think they must date someone who's hot and sexy. As you mature and date more, however, you realize what's inside a person is more important than what is outside. The older you get, the smarter you become and you lose a part of your list. Here are 10 surprising elements that are not essential to a great partner.

1. Looks
When you're 25, you think you need to date a supermodel. As you mature, you realize that chemistry can grow. You know that looks aren't the most important quality in a partner.

2. Finances
As you grow older and wiser, you're financially smarter. You've saved some money and you can take care of yourself. The financial status of your significant other isn't as important as it used to be.

3. All Shared Interests
Your interests change as you grow. You have hobbies you love that you can do alone. You don't desire to spend every single second with your partner. You enjoy your alone time so you can have your own hobbies and interests.

4. Age
In your twenties, you think age is a non-negotiable. As you grow up, you see that age doesn't matter as much. You're more open to a slight age gap. Now, you realize age is just a number and there are commonalities with people of all different ages.

5. Height
Height matters when you're young and have a whole laundry list of what you need in a partner. As you meet more people, you appreciate that there are tons of great men and women who are a little shorter or taller than you'd like them to be. You're more willing to meet someone fabulous, even if they're not the ideal height.

6. Weight
As you experience new relationships, the desire to date someone with six-pack abs is so essential. You know that people can always lose or gain weight. You understand that finding a good person is more important.

7. Career
As your dating circles are expanded, you're aware that having a pre-conceived idea about your beau's career limits yourself. As you grow wiser, the career of your significant other becomes irrelevant.

8. Religious Habits
Once upon a time, dating someone within the same stream of religion might have been a non-negotiable. But, as time passes, you begin to think that sharing the same religious affiliation isn't as important as sharing the same values.

9. Location
When you're young and you imagine your life with your significant other, you think their location is important. As you become more settled in life and your career, you're more open to dating someone who doesn't live down the block.

10. Kids
If you ask any 25-year-old if they'll date someone with kids, they'll most likely say absolutely not. If you ask any 35-year-old the same question, their answer will be different. As you evolve and learn more about yourself, you realize there are many things worse than dating someone with kids.

As you experience more things, you realize that being open-minded is the best way to fall in love.