10 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

We all know that our brains learn by repetition. So, if we want to learn a new skill or habit, repetition is key. We learn by practice. Doesn't it make sense then that the thoughts we "practice" over and over become our habits and eventually shape our character and personality?
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Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?
  • "Why do I have to get up so early?"
  • "Why is this happening to me?"
  • "I'm screwed, aren't I?"
  • "Why is life so hard?"
  • "I should just give up, shouldn't I?

If you are like the average person, you have asked yourself questions such as these many times throughout your life. Research has shown that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts per day, and 90 percent of these are repeated thoughts. Think about that for a moment... 90 percent are repeated!

We all know that our brains learn by repetition. So, if we want to learn a new skill or habit, repetition is key. We learn by practice.

Doesn't it make sense then that the thoughts we "practice" over and over become our habits and eventually shape our character and personality?

Therefore, it is of absolute importance to make an attempt to intelligently direct our thoughts in a positive and constructive way.

We know it can be difficult to control mental habits, but it can be done. And being out of control is much more of a struggle than being in control.

So, how are we to go about directing our thoughts in a positive way? One method which is very simple, yet effective, is to choose what questions you ask yourself.

The Power of Questions

Have you ever noticed that your brain hates unanswered questions? How many times have you forgotten what you were going to say and felt so frustrated that you couldn't remember it?

"What was I going to say?!" you demand of your brain. Yet the answer doesn't come. Eventually you give up out of frustration and annoyance.

Then, as you drift off to sleep or are just going about your business, the answer suddenly pops into your head. You smile and exclaim, "Oh, that's what I was going to say!"

You might have given up on remembering what you were going to say, but your brain didn't. As you went about your day, your brain was dutifully searching through the filing cabinet of your mind until it found the answer and came running up to your consciousness yelling, "I've found it!"

Your brain will find the answers to the questions you ask it. It is extremely good at finding evidence, positive or negative. It will serve you obediently, so why not ask it to bring forth empowering answers?

Use the power of questions to direct the thoughts in your mind and you take a huge step into the world of self-mastery. And with this step, life takes on a whole new meaning.

10 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

Whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or feeling down, don't fight it and don't get mad at yourself. Simply re-direct your mind by asking yourself (out loud or silently) any of the following 10 questions.

You can take your place in the driver's seat of your mind, if you so choose. And when you do so, you will map out your future and head off in the direction of your dreams.

Weave these 10 questions into the fabric of your life and watch in awe as you fill up your life's moments with gratitude, excitement and love.

This question will help you generate a feeling of gratitude and serenity and will calm any feelings of anger, frustration or fear. Really allow yourself to feel a sense of gratitude.

The people we love are often the greatest sources of joy. Dwell on the face of someone you care about deeply. Recall some of the things they have done that make you smile.

This is a great question to ask yourself when you feel bored or sad. Find something that you are excited about and imagine what it will feel like when that experience happens.

Think of something you have accomplished that gives you a deep sense of pride. It doesn't matter what others think of it, as long as you are proud of it. Or, think about another person who you are proud of and why you are so proud of them

Ask yourself this question when you discover that you're thinking negatively or if you are waiting in line or bored. Make it into a game. See if you can find at least 10 things which are amazing or beautiful. You may not want to stop at 10!

This question can be tough for some people, because they feel unfortunate. However, that is exactly the feeling that you want to target and change. Repetition is key. The more you ask this, the more you will find evidence of how truly lucky you are.

This question is the key to opening the door to your dreams and keeping you focused on your goals.

Start the day off with this question and you set the wheels in motion to create a great day.

This question will remind you of the beauty around you and the happiness that you have been given in your life.

A life well-lived is a life which makes you smile when looked back upon. In the end, the purpose of life is to be useful and enhance the happiness of others. The more we overflow with happiness ourselves, the more we are able to pass our love and joy onto others. Fill yourself up with joy so that the overflow can enrich the lives of those around you.

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