10 Questions To Get You Through the Week

10 Questions To Get You Through the Week
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Happy Monday and how was that weekend of yours?

Checking in to checking up our world from inside out is so important now more than ever.

It's my pure wish we become more involved with lots of self-care and reflection, maybe even acquiring a copy of Inclusion Revolution Together with Love Album. And as we embrace the week or try to, here are a few percolating questions I thought I'd share to make the week more meaningful: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. What was your favorite music to listen to when you were in your 20's and why?

2. When was the last time you made a dish that was healthy and vegetarian?

3. When was the last time you truly celebrated a friend's fortune or promotion?

4....you're out with friends, do you ever bring up Meditation as a means for your relaxation?

5. Have you ever thought of that special someone from your past that you need to forgive?

6. How many times did you get angry over the smallest of issues last week?

7. What will it take for you to believe how powerful you are?

8. How many people can you genuinely smile at throughout the day?

9. What is your favorite movie and why is it your favorite?

10.Have you ever been curious to learn more about a culture that is completely different than yours? If so, what did you learn?

Have a powerfully enriching week and let's keep in touch! May this week be your most amazing!

Love, Sister Jenna

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