10 Questions With America's Next Top Model's Adam Smith


My hubby is famous for being the sports fan that roots for the underdog, at least in our family.

Who doesn't love the underdog?

I wept as Jojo got her heartbroken on Bachelor this season, because she was the one that really put in the work. The passion wasn't there as early as her counterpart, but she stuck through it, challenging him to muddle through with her.

Adam Smith was America's Next Top Model's underdog. The gorgeous overnight star would best be described as tall, dark, and handsome, by my fellow fan Kimberly Jesicka, but he had no modeling experience whatsoever! Yet, he surpassed his fellow competitors and captured America's attention.

Our interview with Adam was incredibly raw and honest, discussing a scandal that would force most people to live underground, the loss of a fellow cast mate, and what life after America's Next Top Model is really like.