10 Reasons Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think (PHOTOS)

It might seem like a challenge to find genius in a species that will happily drink out of a toilet bowl. Forget Shakespearean sonnets or e=mc2, the smartest thing a dog does on any given day might include licking every wrapper in the trash or chasing their own tail until they fall over.

However, we have never been more sure that dogs are geniuses. We have learned more about how dogs think in the past decade than we have in the last century. How they are geniuses is not always obvious, but uncovering the answers is all part of the fun. The full story of this journey is in our new book The Genius of Dogs, and if you are curious, you can find the genius in your own dog here. Until then, here are a few cases of canine cleverness that may surprise you.

Why Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think