10 Reasons Every Latino Should Watch Devious Maids on Sunday Night

By now you've probably heard a million reasons why you shouldn't watch Devious Maids (the new Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry produced dramedy premiering Sunday night on Lifetime), but I'm here to tell you 10 reasons you should watch it -- especially if you're Latino!

While I respect the opinion of those in the community who believe the show reinforces Latino stereotypes, I had a very different reaction to the show when I watched it this week on Lifetime.com (the pilot is already available online).

First of all, I was floored by the great performances from Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez and the rest of the ensemble. I got goose-bumps when I saw the names of four Latinas I respect greatly listed in the opening credits as the show's four leads (the last time that happened? Never!). I laughed and (almost) cried.

I'm glad I gave Devious Maids a chance, because if I hadn't, I'd be missing out on a great show. And I want all Latinos to give the show a chance like I did, so I wrote up 10 reasons I think every Latino should watch Devious Maids on Sunday night. Check 'em out below!

1). Ana Ortiz is the New Teri Hatcher: We all love Puerto Rican actress Ana Ortiz from her days as Hilda Solis (America Ferrera's loveable sister) on ABC's hit dramedy, Ugly Betty. The role of Hilda fit Ana like a glove and the same is true about her lead role on Maids. Ana's performance on the show is brilliant and, in my opinion, definitely Emmy-worthy. Like Teri Hatcher, the lead heroine in Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives, Ana brings a quiet sadness around the eyes to the role of Marisol, a woman who goes undercover as a maid, presumably to solve a murder. While Marisol is smart, quick-witted, strong and educated, Ana also manages to make her one of the chicas - a girl's girl who can have lunch with the other maids at the park and partake in some delicious bochinche!

2). Sights & Sounds: What separates Devious Maids from Desperate Housewives? Let's start with the fact that this sharply written, well-directed summer series features tons of Latin music (que rico!). I enjoyed hearing Latin music in the pilot, and I feel like the score adds authenticity to the story and to the lives of these characters.

3). Star on the Rise: In addition to featuring four well-known Latina stars in lead roles, Devious Maids also features a memorable performance by, Edy Ganem. The Mexican-American actress, who has had small guest roles on a number of television shows, shines here as Valentina Del Barrio, Zoila (Judy Reyes') daughter (and co-worker). Valentina is in love with Remi (Drew Van Acker), the rich son of the family she works for and she smartly underplays her character's desire for a bigger, better life. She's a star on the rise for sure!

4). Based on Real Events: While many of the storylines in the pilot deal with the maids and the ignorant, shallow women who employ them, the pilot also features a scene that's a lot more emotional, sad and ripped from the headlines. Dania Ramirez, who plays a sweet and somewhat naïve maid named Rosie, came to the United States to work (after her husband died) so that she could make money to send home to her young son in Guadalajra, who doesn't understand why he can't be with his mother. The poignant scene where Dania's character talks to her son on the phone is so well played, it will break your heart (I almost cried). The scene is performed and directed beautifully.

5). Matt Cedeno is Hot: Matt Cedeno (Days of Our Lives) appears in the pilot as a singer named Alejandro Rubio (Paulina, anyone?) and he's hot. Go ahead, google him.

6). Challenging Assumptions: Devious Maids doesn't reinforce stereotypes about Latinos (at all!). In fact, it challenges assumptions {about} Latinos. In the pilot, there's a HILARIOUS scene where Ana Ortiz's character Marisol applies for a job as a maid and she's asked, "But you don't have an accent?" Marisol replies, "Should I?" And when she's told, "But you seem like you went to college," Marisol neither affirms or denies the ignorant comment from her potential employer: "Thank you," she says.

7).Get Ready to Laugh: Whatever your opinion is on Latinas playing maids, I think a lot of people will find themselves laughing during the well-written pilot. There's a very funny scene where Marisol throws a woman out of a house that I had to replay three times (it's so badass!).

8). Latina Stars as Producers: Eva Longoria has worked hard for months to ensure that the show depicts Latinos as we are and I think she has succeeded at this. And, I want to see Eva succeed as a producer. The more Latinas we have pulling strings behind the scenes, the more potential our Latino stars have to be cast on shows - in starring roles. When I interviewed Eva last year for the Huffington Post, the actress told me "most of the Latino community is proud" of the show. I am definitely proud of it and I hope other Latinos are proud, too!

9). Paula Garces is in it! The beautiful Paula Garces, who makes every role she plays memorable (no matter how big or small it may be), is wonderful here as a maid who (well, I can't spoil it for you!). But let's just say she kills it...

10. Strength in Numbers: The 10th and final reason you should check out Devious Maids on Sunday is: To show Hollywood that when they launch a show starring five Latinas in lead roles, Latinos are going to watch it! Let's all watch the show and send the message to TV execs that they should be launching many more shows featuring Latina leads. Again, I don't think there's anything offensive about Devious Maids. It's just a great, fun summer show.

I'm curious: Will you be checking out Devious Maids on Sunday? Have you seen it already? What'd you think?