10 Reasons There's Nothing Like Female Best Friends

10 Reasons There's Nothing Like Female Best Friends

"A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance," wrote Lena Dunham's character Hannah Horvath in "Girls." We'd argue that this sentiment holds far beyond the confines of university.

The women in your life are there for all the serious stuff, like health scares and accompanying you to the funerals of loved ones, as well as the moments that make you laugh until you can't breathe. They celebrate your successes, help you move on from your failures and keep you sane even when you're about to crack. You can tell them the deepest secrets about yourself and your family, and count on them to pick up the phone at any hour.

Close female friendships are special for reasons far beyond the TV cliches of eating pints of ice cream together in pajamas and sharing closets. Here are 10 under-appreciated things about your lady friends:

1. They never get tired of hearing you tell the same story, no matter how boring or implausible it may be.

2. They're used to all the weird things that you do when you're sleep-deprived, drunk or hungry. (Like all the times you ate ranch dressing on pizza or fell asleep with a box of chicken nuggets in bed with you.) No disclaimers or excessive apologizing necessary.

3. You can tell them to leave you alone, and they won't get upset with you.

4. You never have to pretend to be interested in something you're not. If your friend is excited about a concert you're not into, or wants to check out a new restaurant with cuisine you don't like, you can just say...

5. Not only will they get annoyed on your behalf, they'll also remember who you don't get along with -- and act accordingly.

6. They’ll buy you a pregnancy test if you need them to. We're not sure a guy friend would understand why we couldn't just buy one ourselves -- it's just one of those things.

7. They’ll always side with you against your significant other, mother or anyone else you're in a heated disagreement with. No matter how much they love that person the rest of the time.

8. They understand your weird quirks, like not being able to touch pickles and feeling anxious in places without internet.

9. Sometimes you need a good wingwoman. A close female friend will know what you're looking for, and have at least a few reasonable ideas on how to make it happen.

10. They’ve seen you at your worst, and think nothing of it. Holding your hair back after a few too many drinks? That meltdown after a terrible day at work? All the extreme emotions that come with a bad breakup? These things just come with the territory. Your female friends implicitly know how important it is to support you through the less-than-fun times in your life -- and they also know you'll be there to return the favor.

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