10 Reasons People Get Married, Even If They Know Better

Bystanders often ask the obvious question: If they knew they shouldn't, and they wished they hadn't, then why did they?
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Not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes a couple sticks it out all the way to the altar. They might make it work for a few years. Maybe they'll even have children. But sooner or later, to nobody's surprise, they find themselves in front of a judge, begging for a divorce. By that time, each party is angrily declaring, "I never should have married you!"

Bystanders often ask the obvious question: If they knew they shouldn't, and they wished they hadn't, then why did they? Every situation is slightly different, but there are a few popular reasons. Ten of them are below.

1. The Next Logical Step. They've been together for years. They live together. They're a cute couple. Isn't marriage what you're supposed to do?

2. Once Upon A Time, They Were In Love. In the beginning, their story was like a fairy tale. Sure, things might have cooled down... but what better way to jumpstart Happily Ever After than a wedding?

3. Desire To "Grow Up". How can you be an adult if you've never been married? Everyone knows a ring comes with an upgraded standard of living and a more favorable reputation in the community.

4. "He'd Make A Good..." He has a good job, a clean record and an outstanding credit score. He loves kids and he adores you. So what if you don't love him all that much?

5. Fear Of Staying Single. Because "Crazy Cat Lady" isn't a title most women want on their personal resume.

6. Wishful Thinking. Getting married means growing up. No more staying out too late. No more mysterious texts. And he'll have to cut back on the booze. He can change, right? He has to, because of love.

7. Security. Who wouldn't sleep better knowing there's a backup income to pay the bills if you get laid off?

8. A Baby On The Way. Kids need parents who are married, don't they? After an unexpected pregnancy, getting married is the "right" thing to do.

9. Pressure. Society says you need to get married. Your friends are all married. Your family keeps asking when you're going to tie the knot...

10. The Clock Is Ticking. Better get a husband before you run out of eggs!

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