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10 Reasons To Choose An All-Inclusive

The choice between staying in a hotel or all-inclusive is often a hard one. Some people see the high prices and wonder if it really is worth it. What draws so many people towards this option?
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The choice between staying in a hotel or all-inclusive is often a hard one. Some people see the high prices and wonder if it really is worth it. What draws so many people towards this option? Here are 10 great reasons to choose to stay in an all-inclusive resort:

1. NO PLANNING: If you are a novice traveler or are worried about all the time needed to plan a vacation by yourself, an all-inclusive may be the perfect solution since all activities and restaurants are in one place. If you don't want to plan in advance, you can decide daily what you feel like doing. Also, even if you are a planner, after a big trip you may feel the rush to get back to the planning board. I love to plan trips but one summer we went to London, Santorini, and Athens and I planned like a mad woman, so I chose an all-inclusive for the following spring so I could sit back and just let my vacation happen.
2. LEAVE YOUR WALLET IN THE SAFE: There's no need to worry about how much anything costs, no questions about tax, no need to wait for the bill, and no need to stray from top shelf ingredients in your cocktails! I don't even feel guilty when I make my kids throw out their smoothies when I even suspect for a second they may have gotten a drop of pool water in it!
3. A FAMILY RESORT WILL HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Choose a resort that has amenities that best suit your family. Some resorts cater specifically towards couples, singles, or families. I try to look for a spa for myself, a nice beach for my husband, and water activities or crafts for my girls. If there is a Kid Camp at the resort they can spend time with children their own age and it allows for some guilt-free adult time.
4. BEACHES AND POOLS: Most all-inclusive resorts are known for having beautiful pools and some even have private beaches.
5. ACTIVITIES, ACTIVITIES, ACTIVITIES: All-inclusive resorts often cater to the wants of their guests and many include non-motorized water sports, tennis courts, game rooms, beach sports, waterparks, lazy rivers, crafts, etc. These activities are a great way to fill your day but the cost can add up so it is a wonderful opportunity to try new activities without having to spend money on it. You'll appreciate it when you realize that kayaking in high ocean waves may not be as relaxing as you thought and decide to stop doing it after 15 minutes!
6. RESTAURANTS: This is where it can get tricky. I always like a variety in my meals so I make sure there are several choices of restaurants. In the past, all-inclusive would mean buffets. That is not the case anymore. There are many resorts that pride themselves on high end cuisine. Also, if it is a restaurant in a family-friendly resort they will always have menu options for kids.
7. COST EFFECTIVE: An all-inclusive resort can be significantly cheaper if you take advantage of all they have to offer. If you eat most of your meals on property and use the amenities, you can get a good bang for your buck. If you are planning to go exploring every day and eating out for most meals, then this may not be the option for you.
8. DRINK UP: For some people this may not be what sways you, but for others (Yep, that's my hand in the air!) it is a plus. A bar tab can get very expensive, especially if you are trying specialty drinks or using top shelf ingredients. An all-inclusive can let you enjoy your umbrella drink while sitting on the beach without feeling any guilt. It also allows the kids to get drinks...including that Shirley Temple they insist on having but I know they won't drink more than a few sips of.
9. NO CAR RENTALS: Although you may choose to go off property, it is not a necessity so a car rental is not needed. Some resorts will even offer a shuttle from the hotel to the resort.
10. ENTERTAINMENT AND EXCURSIONS: Many resorts are now offering entertainment such as concerts, luaus, specialty dinners, character breakfasts, and an assortment of different lessons. Some resorts will offer excursions at discount prices if you book through them, offer transportation, or arrange for tours of surrounding areas. By booking through the resort you can be assured the excursion is legit and be able to hear feedback from past guests