Nowadays, people are hiring Coaches for almost everything to help them identify and focus on what’s important and succeed. We have Career Coaches, Financial Coaches, Business Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches and Life Coaches among others. Fertility is not something that is top of mind for most people because they take it for granted that they will be parents. But when it becomes an issue it takes a tremendous emotional and psychological toll on the daily lives of those impacted.

I know this firsthand, because it happened to me. To become a mother, I had to endure five cycles of IVF, and each of them has a story. In Chapter 1, I conceived my beautiful 12-year-old daughter Eliyah. Unfortunately, there had to be a cancellation in Chapter 2 because of a medication overdose (from the nurse at my clinic). My third chapter resulted in a BFP, and a healthy girl but the story had an unhappy ending as a blood clot in the umbilical cord in the 39th week led to Isabelle being stillborn. I also received a BFP in my fourth chapter but with a MC at 7 weeks, everything seemed to turn dark in our (Me, my husband and Eliyah) universe. After my husband and I almost got divorced and thought that we lost everything, love won out. After taking a year to heal and think, we embarked on my 5th IVF chapter who turned into our wonderful 4-year-old daughter Maya.

This last IVF cycle led me to find my calling in life as an IVF & Fertility Coach and here I will tell you why you should not be embarrassed or afraid to use a coach to help support you through this journey .

Top 10 Why You Should Use an IVF & Fertility Coach

1. You need someone that understands the path you have chosen to walk. Because IVF itself is a huge stressor, having an IVF coach that has been down that road will provide assurance that you are not alone which is a common misconception.

2. An IVF coach will help you prepare emotionally, physically, and mentally before embarking on a fertility treatment.

3. You need positive reinforcement from someone who believes in miracles and in you - especially in your lowest moments when even you don’t believe in yourself.

4. You need someone who can remind you of all the good things in your life and people supporting you on your journey before you become a parent.

5. You can vent your anger and frustration and an IVF coach will help you find perspective and look at your situation in a different/more positive light.

6. An IVF & Fertility Coach can help you balance what your RE and Clinic can’t. Remember they have so many patients that they don’t have the time or services to help you with your emotions.

7. An IVF coach can help you address not only your fertility issues but your day-to-day issues meaning you get a life coach as well. A 2-for-1 is a great deal and you will need it for life’s ups and downs during this time.

8. You need someone to remind you about effectively communicating with your partner in this journey. Your partner is also traveling the same path but with different emotions, and this can put strain on your marriage/partnership.

9. An IVF coach can provide financial guidance and help you save money and look at pre-conception coaching and body preparation as well as possible sources of financial aid.

10. Finally, you will want someone (besides your spouse/partner) to share the amazing joy of becoming a mother and to say Thank you to for not giving up on you.

I wish I would have had an IVF and Fertility Coach when I started my journey 12 years ago. I could have more effectively dealt with my pain and the emotional roller coaster I rode during the subsequent years. Remember a coach’s is there to guide you and help you succeed and we all know how important success is when you are trying to conceive.

Monica Bivas is a married mom of 3, born in Colombia and became an IVF Coach from her own struggle to conceive. She is helping women and couples no matter their choice, going through this fertility process, to approach it in a much positive way.

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