Cosmetic Surgery: 10 Reasons Why It May Not Be For You (PHOTOS)

Thinking of having a little cosmetic work done? You're not alone. Aesthetic surgery is a reasonable option for those who choose that route after much research and deliberation. Unfortunately, too many people seek out plastic surgeons for all the wrong reasons. As such, I would like to share 10 reasons why cosmetic surgery may not work for you.

Plastic surgeons are trained to perform delicate operations to enhance or improve physical traits in an effort to acquire a more desirable feature. We are also taught to operate within the safest parameters possible because cosmetic surgery is elective surgery, which means that it is surgery that is really not necessary! It is vital to properly screen all perspective patients to be certain that they are safe candidates for this surgery. There are basic conditions that should be considered contraindications to surgery. They include physical abnormalities, medical problems that can complicate the surgery or put the patient at unnecessary risk, psychological abnormalities and/or unrealistic expectations and inherent physical characteristics that hinder the achievement of the best possible result. The following list encompasses all the reasons to think twice before going under the knife.

10 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery May Not Be For You