10 Reasons Why Don Draper Is Not the Man For You

This TV publicity image released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in a scene from "Mad Men." Hamm is nominated for an Emmy
This TV publicity image released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in a scene from "Mad Men." Hamm is nominated for an Emmy Award for best actor in a drama series on, for his role in "Mad Men." The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Emmy ceremony will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. It will air Sept. 22 on CBS. (AP Photo/AMC, Michael Yarish)

With the season premiere of AMC's "Mad Men" on Sunday night, we remember what we love -- and hate -- about Don Draper.

Don is the ultimate bad boy: slick, sophisticated, rich and fun. He's also a terrible husband who is only totally committed to himself.

There are lots of men out there in real life just like Jon Hamm's character. Let's face it; If you're like most women, you probably love the infamous bad boy.

After all, he makes you feel good with his seductive words. Life feels exciting and fun around him.

The problem is that he has a hard time being in a monogamous relationship. If it's a long-term commitment you really want, this guy is probably not the best fit for you.

Here are 10 reasons why you might want to rethink having this type of man as your next boyfriend.

1. A bad boy's actions rarely match his words.

A good guy will always follow through on what he tells you. When he can't, he'll let you know and won't leave you trying to figure out what happened. If a man is not doing this, he's not worthy of dating you.

2. A bad boy often disappears, then comes back, and then disappears again.

Remember how many times Don Draper would disappear from the women in his life, only to resurface when he felt like it?

This is a man on the hunt. He has what I call Shiny Penny Syndrome. He's looking for someone who he perceives might be a better fit for him than you are. What makes him a bad boy is when it doesn't work out, he comes back to you again and again in between conquests.

3. A bad boy is usually a narcissist who wants his way in every situation.

He'll manipulate you into doing what he wants to do, even when you say no. When you give in, you end up feeling like you betrayed yourself. A good guy will honor your wishes, even when they are at odds with his own.

4. A bad boy doesn't always treat people well.

If he takes you to his favorite restaurant and his meal shows up wrong, he can blast the poor waiter with his anger. This guy can often display road rage, thinking the world revolves around him. A good guy knows that things can go awry and gives someone a chance to correct their mistakes.

5. A bad boy takes you to a party and leaves you at the door to fend for yourself.

A good guy will introduce you to the people he knows in the room as his girlfriend and will make sure you're taken care of with food, drinks and people to talk to.

6. A bad boy only cares about having his needs met.

Your needs fall far below his on the priority list. A good guy is into pleasing you and making you happy. If he's not, let him go.

7. A bad boy can be passive-aggressive.

If you're trying to work an issue out, he'll act like everything is OK. Then, around other people, he bad-mouths your decision, looking for confirmation from others that he is right. A good guy will work issues out with you and even if he disagrees with the final decision, he will keep it to himself.

8. A bad boy asks you for a date but keeps you hanging.

You haven't heard from him to confirm plans, so you end up calling him and he holds your life up, telling you he's not sure how long his meeting is going to be. A good guy will make sure you have the details for your date, including the place and when he'll pick you up. Then he shows up or calls to let you know he's running late... not the other way around.

9. A bad boy makes all the decisions for both of you, thinking he knows what's best for you.

No one knows you better than yourself and a good guy will make sure your feelings and thoughts are part of a decision-making process.

10. A bad boy doesn't make sure you feel emotionally, physically or spiritually safe.

Just like Betty Draper felt when she was married to Don, you may feel financially safe with him, but that's not enough. He'll be the one criticizing what you wear or how you do things. A good guy may offer constructive criticism but he does it in a loving way that encourages your personal growth.

Have you dated any bad boys lately? I hope you'll share in the comments.

Lisa Copeland is the Dating Coach who makes over 50's dating fun and easy. Learn more about mature dating at www.FindAQualityMan.com.