10 Reasons Why Illinoisans Are More Resilient

1. You can drive in any kind of traffic/weather.

2. Heat waves AND snowmageddons, no problem.

3. Dominick's closes and you can still manage to feed yourself (effective 2014).

4.You can make your way through a deep dish pizza.


5. You’ve had just one World Series title by an Illinois baseball team since World War I.


6. Political scandals in other states seem laughable. 

7. Taxes … taxes … taxes … bring ‘em on!

8. You’ve survived the Ventra card rollout debacle.


9. Corn, wheat or soybeans, it doesn’t matter. Spring is for planting, fall is for harvesting and summer is for praying.

10. You’re from the Land of Lincoln, the greatest president in U.S. history!

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