10 Reasons Why the Snow Trucks Must Come

As a kid, I can remember the excitement when it started to stick, hoping and hoping that the ground would be white when I woke up and school would be out the next day.
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Snow is so beautiful. I've always loved when the sky turns gray and the flakes start to fall. Ev and I stood at the front door with the lights out, watching it quietly snow Monday night. Beautiful. Peaceful.

As a kid, I can remember the excitement when it started to stick, hoping and hoping that the ground would be white when I woke up and school would be out the next day.


But now we're going on Snow Day #3 tomorrow.

You know when you meet someone who is unbelievably good-looking, but once you really get to know them, you start noticing that one crooked tooth and the annoying way they eat their food?

That's how I'm feeling tonight about our winter wonderland. Snow, you were so pretty. I admired you and your gorgeous winter wonder on Monday. When we first met, you could do no wrong.

But now it's Wednesday night, and you've got all these tracks and footprints and you're marked yellow by the neighborhood dogs. And honestly, you're totally mean where you get all frozen underneath and I don't know it.

Where we live, when the ground turns white, we panic and forget how to drive. That's why we rely so heavily on you, dear snow trucks.

Could you do this maxed-out mom a favor and just go ahead and plow the school's parking lot tomorrow? Don't forget those secondary roads and their bus stops. Pretty please? I'm whispering to you through the cold night air: If you plow it, they will come.

Heading into Snow Day #3, the honeymoon's wearing off. Here are 10 reasons, I'm counting on you, snow truck drivers.

  1. It's taking at least two cups of coffee before the caffeine eases me into morning mode.

  • Snow food is making my yoga pants get a little too tight.
  • Beside the front and back door is an avalanche of gloves, hats, boots, socks, pants and coats in various stages of drying.
  • I've had enough hot chocolate that the thought of another mug tomorrow makes me feel a little queasy. And kind of gross.
  • If Abby forces us to watch Sofia the First one more time, "Mom's the Word," I will not "Let the Good Times Troll." "Fours a Crowd" at this "Winter's Gift."
  • Because of the Sofia obsession, everyone is getting straight up territorial over the remote control. Even the parents. A 3-year ]-old can watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit reruns, right? Earmuffs, Abby!
  • Toys are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Uno cards on the floor, books are spread around the playroom, "inside toys" that became "outside toys" are chillin' (get it?!) on the front porch and the dog is chewing on her fourth crayon.
  • Speaking of dogs: who decided to get three dogs, again? And why can't they make it off deck to do their business? I don't want to see which color crayons Bailey Beagle ate!
  • I don't know if the trash guy is still coming on schedule tomorrow. Do you know what that uncertainty looks like to Jackson? DO YOU?! He's already been out of bed twice to ask me more questions about sanitation's back-up plans.
  • I'm getting crazy urges to reorganize things. Since this is near impossible to do with two kids and three dogs, all in various stages of neediness, that's just like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.
  • Stay warm, friends! Summer's coming, I promise.
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