10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Australia

Did you know that around 80 percent of plants and animals found in Australia are unique to this country only? The variety of animals you can see here over any other place in the world is astounding.
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By College Tourist.
Author, Jade Smith-Love, University of Melbourne

So many people I know study abroad in European destinations -- England, France, Spain. But here are 10 reasons you should consider Australia as a study abroad option.

1. Speak the Same Language
If you're not learning a foreign language (or even if you are) Australia is the perfect place, because guess what? We speak English! Yay. You won't have to worry about making awkward hand signals or getting lost in translation, because Australians will know exactly what you're talking about (even if we do have weird accents).

2. Unique Flora and Fauna
Did you know that around 80 percent of plants and animals found in Australia are unique to this country only? The variety of animals you can see here over any other place in the world is astounding, and this would be especially relevant if you want a degree in related science fields. Get photos with kangaroos, koalas, wombats, quokkas (yes, these are a thing -- Google it!), and every type fish you could think of.

3. Amazing Beaches
Do you like surfing? Australia has some of the best spots for this! Do you like to lay out and tan? We have the perfect white sand for you to do so. Want to snorkel with aquatic life? Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is for you. Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; many of them rarely touched by humans.

4. Cool Cultural Places
Australia is said to be the home of the oldest humans in the world -- the indigenous people of Australia! In the Northern Territory you can explore caves and rock formations that were around in the Dreamtime. Visit Uluru, a large, isolated desert rock in the middle of Australia, sacred to the indigenous people. Besides this, Australia's cities are ethnic and diverse, home to people with nationalities from all over the world.

5. Outdoor Activities and Sports
Snorkelling and diving? Hiking? Surfing? AFL (Australian Rules Football)? kayaking? Beach volleyball? Skiing? Australian Tennis Open? Australia has it all. This country is conducive to an outdoor and healthy lifestyle, with the ability to partake in any sport or recreational activity you wish.

6. Laid-back People
Everywhere you go in Australia you will come across nice and welcoming people. Maybe it's being in a country with generally good weather, or being so close to the beach, but you will easily find relaxed people who don't take life too seriously. Although this may be a generalization, I've found that it is true in most cases!

7. Fun Things To Do for Students
All of the major cities in Australia are perfect places for students to live, work and study. With bars, pubs and clubs everywhere, you will most likely have a local hangout to go to every night of the week. Australian universities are also great places to join clubs and societies, which are easy ways to make friends and go to events throughout the week.

8. Less People Go There
All I hear from people is that "Australia is so far away." Yes, it may be further away than Europe, but I promise you the longer plane ride will be worth it. You'll have a more unique and fun experience if you go places that not as many people have gone, and it will become more of a learning experience for you as well. Even if Australians do speak English, I guarantee it is a very different place to the U.S. and Europe, meaning you will definitely be pushed out of your comfort zone.

9. Perfect Place for Any Major
Want a degree in biology? The Great Barrier Reef and our unique flora and fauna makes Australia the perfect place to study abroad! Degree in business? Many global companies have branches in Australia that could be a perfect place for you to intern. No matter what you study, Australia is the perfect place to encompass all of the different majors that students choose.

10. Great University Choice
Australia is a country with many up and coming universities on the global ranks. The University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Australian National University have always traditionally been very exceptional places to study, but many other colleges are becoming known for their degrees. In a country that has a more limited university choice compared to others, Australia is definitely a great place to receive a higher education (even if its just for study abroad).

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