10 Reasons You'll Want To Eat While Reading This

10 Reasons You'll Want To Eat While Reading This

Shoot, sorry! That headline should actually say "10 Riesens"; i.e., the delicious, dark chocolate candy. Well, let's forge ahead, shall we?

Mmmm, yeah, see this isn't so bad.

Yeah, that's it, get into it. Take a big bite.

Wash those Riesens down with a cold beer and other Riesens.

Put them in a bowl if it makes you feel more civilized, but we're not here to judge, Dr. Fan C. Pants.

Do you think boxes are like little office buildings for candy? They do work in boxes.

Shh, wait, the bag... it's calling to you.

10 reasons

Be gentle...

Go ahead, no one's watching.

Oh, yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Sometimes the morning after isn't pretty.

It's understandable if you're bitter about the headline mistake. And what better way to combat bitterness than with the sweet, chocolatey taste of a Riesen! Good thing these pictures were here.

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