10 Signs That You Are Ready To Retire -- Like Now

You've paid your dues.

They say if you love your work, you never have to work a day in your life. Well, if you've been working for most of your adult life, you might beg to differ.

The grass really does seem greener on the retirement side -- not having to set your alarm, not having to be "business casual" all day, and never having to attend a meeting again.

So finances aside, here are some surefire signs you've checked out of work and that it may be time for you to start enjoying your golden years.

1. You constantly dream of winning the lottery so you'll never have to work again.

2. Or you spend your days dreaming of the beachfront Florida property you're going to buy ... or better yet, researching it at work.

3. You'd rather be taking a nap -- like always.

4. You envy retired people.

5. You have a retirement countdown going ... years, months, days, minutes ... even seconds.

6. Literally.

7. You constantly marvel at how glorious each day off from work is.

8. You've already checked out mentally ... kind of like a kid before summer vacation. (Except better, of course.)

9. You'd rather be golfing...

.... or fishing....

10. You've already got your retirement dream job all planned out.

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