10 Signs Your Angsty Teen Actually Really Does Love You

Actions really do speak louder than words.

Parents, it's never easy when your child goes from a loving tween who asks you to come to all their ball games to a too-cool teen that never wants to be seen with you in public. Don't take it personally. We'd like to think it's all just part of growing up. 

Your teen might ask you to keep a healthy 10-foot distance when the "cool kids" are around, but underneath it all they still really love you. Even if they never look up from their cellphone or say those three words anymore. Promise. 

You know your teenager loves you when _________________.

1. They (begrudgingly) accept your Facebook friend request.

 2. They make sure your seatbelt is tightly fastened when they get behind the wheel. 

3. They resist the urge to roll their eyes when you tell them that story about winning the 8th grade spelling bee ... for the millionth time. 

 4. They air out their dirty gym clothes instead of leaving them balled up in a gym bag for you to find.

 5. They agree to watch an oldie with you ... and stay awake for most of it. 

6. They spend as much time on a homemade birthday card for you as they do on one for their BFF.

 7. They eat whatever low-carb, fad-diet recipe you've made for dinner -- and tell you it's tasty. (But they'd rather be having pizza.)

 8. They tolerate your out-of-tune car singing, but they're really thinking:

9. They comment that you look way younger than someone else. (Extra points if it's a celebrity.)

10. They give you a compliment ... and it's not because they need money. 

See, they're not so bad.

Happy parenting.

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