10 Surefire Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother

Oh, the horror!

You swore it would never be you. You'd be different. But sure enough, one day it will hit you: you've become your mother. The realization could come the first time someone says you look just like your mom -- and you're left wondering whether or not to take it as a compliment -- or when you realize you just got the same haircut you thought looked so dated on mommy dearest.

We called on our Facebook friends to tell us when they had their own "Freaky Friday" moment.

You can run, but you can't hide. Here are 10 signs you're slowly but surely morphing into your mother.

1. You're chatty with the grocery store check-out folks.

"I became friends with all the staff at the grocery stores where I shop ... my mom always chatted with the butcher, the check-out crew, the stock people." -- Cindy Moranz Merrill.

2. You can't remember your kids' names.

"I tried to yell at one of my three kids, but the first two names I used were the wrong names. Sputtering is the word, I believe. My mother did it all the time, but she had five names to confuse." -- Peter Viles

3. You feel panicked if you don't know where your kids are at all times.

"For me, it's not falling asleep unless my teens are all home." -- Shelley Emling

4. You absolutely can't stand wasting things.

"I run around turning off light switches ... I eat off the dinner plates, finishing the half-eaten food the kids leave behind." -- Ann Brenoff

5. Your body parts have started to resemble moms.

"I have 'mom' hands now." -- Joy Yagid

"When I look at my wrinkly thighs!" -- Janie Emaus

6. You constantly nag your kids.

"I tell my oldest to sit up straight ... no slouching!" -- Janie Tillman Emaus
7. You start dressing like your mom.
"When I started wearing enormous white sneakers with jeans Seinfeld-style and not even caring." -- Liz Alterman
8. You've actually started to sound like mom.
"When I was calling my kids in and heard my voice echo off the brick wall and it was my mother's voice." -- Chris Nitzsche
9. You have the tendency to repeat the obvious.
"When I told my daughter: 'Keep your socks up!' and 'Stay with the group!' and 'Drive safely!'" -- Barbara Senftleber
10. You use the same one-liners you once used to hate.
"Early in high school I told my son, 'You'll thank me one day'... he rolled his eyes. Thankfully, he recently did. After many years of thanking my mom after probably treating her that way as a teen, I told her that her 19-year-old grandson had finally thanked me." -- Kerry Macintosh
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