10 Smart Habits of Mentally Strong People

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Answer by Gianni Cara, Founder of SmartLab and VP of Growth at Fubles, on Quora.

Ten characteristics of a mentally strong person:

1. Mentally strong people take action. As Yoda says, "Do or do not." Hell is paved with good intentions. They don't just say something for the sake of saying it; they do it. They live with the consequences of their actions.

2. Mentally strong people don't react. They know how to control their tempers and their focus is not on winning an argument, but on achieving a goal. If someone starts arguing with them, they will not react. They will figure out what they want to achieve from the discussion, what the other person's point of view is, and how to get to their objective. Acknowledging that they are wrong is not a problem. The problem is not getting anything out of a discussion.

3. Mentally strong people look for opposite opinions. They constantly search for arguments against their current position and are open to change if necessary. They know that understanding the opposite side is the best way to form an opinion.

4. Mentally strong people focus on "why." Before they figure out what to do and how to do it, they ask themselves why they want to do it in the first place. The "why" is frequently what motivates them.

5. Mentally strong people enjoy the process. They always keep the end in mind, but they know that to get there they have to enjoy the process.

6. Mentally strong people need to have some time on their own. They are not only comfortable with being alone, but they actually like it. Most of them use this time to think.

7. Mentally strong people stay a little longer. They endure just that little bit more that makes the difference between a successful endeavor and a failure.

8. Mentally strong people create opportunities. They don't wait things to happen. They go chase them.

9. Mentally strong people let it go. They understand and accept when it's time to move on. They just stop for a moment to realize what they learned from it and the great moments it provided.

10. Mentally strong people value the small wins. They find joy in the small wins and celebrate them. This is part of the fuel that helps them to achieve big things.

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