10 Spiritual Lessons We Can Learn From Whitney Houston

Although taken far too soon and too unexpectedly, we can learn these things from Whitney Houston's home going services.
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10 things to learn spiritually from Whitney Houston.

Although taken far too soon and too unexpectedly, we can learn these things from Whitney Houston's home going services:

1. She was a child of God and embraced that posture throughout her life

2. She never strayed far from her Baptist roots, the birthplace of "The Voice," and the Gospel music that filled her soul and influenced her stylistically

3. She was a woman of deep and abiding prayer, known for gathering her friends and colleagues in an impromptu circle to petition God

4. Family was her bedrock, her source of strength, comfort, and a fiercely protective cross-generational love that incubated and informed who she was

5. She generously created opportunities for others who had gifts needing exposure.

6. She was a friend, beloved by those close to her as evidenced by the overwhelming outpouring of an unbridled grief, sense of loss and deep sorrow

7. She maximized her God-given gifts, achieving legendary status in a family of standout superstars

8. She didn't allow others or define or limit her potentials by being compartmentalized to one gift when she possessed many.

9. She believed in redemption, second chances and new beginnings and threw herself wholeheartedly into a fresh start being willing to confront the daunting task of change.

10. In 48 short years, she made an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of everyone who experienced her immense talents. She let the world know that she was here and in her home-going, death did not win. We can find hope that our dreams are more than inspiration but mixed with determination and steadfast faith even the most obscure dream can be realized. We can find comfort as parents that faith instilled in our small children is a long term investment that will benefit them as they face the varied challenges of their adult life. And most importantly we can garner a deeper understanding that all of us have some things to accomplish as effectively and expeditiously as possible, being reminded that tomorrow isn't promised to any of us no matter the enormity of the gifts we posses.

Here are some of Whitney Houston's beautiful renditions of Gospel classics including the video of "Yes, Jesus Loves Me."

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