10 Spot-On Comics That Sum Up The Struggles Of Being A Grown-Ass Woman

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The struggle of adulthood is real, people.
The struggle of adulthood is real, people.
Anemone Lost Comics

Adulthood isn't always a breeze. Just ask artist Caitlin Quijano.

The 26-year-old Canadian artist is the brains behind Anemone Lost Comics, a series of illustrations that chronicles the struggles of being a grown up. The comics cover the good, the bad and the ugly of growing up including college debt, new jobs and making friends in the real world.

"I'm inspired by the ups and downs of 20-something life, and exploring what it means to be a 'real adult,'" Quijano told The Huffington Post. "Mostly, I just try to draw comics that take an honest look at my life. I figure that if I'm going through something or feeling something, there's probably someone else who is, too."

Quijano added that she creates the illustrations with the help of her husband who helps edit and upload them onto Facebook and her website.

From grown-up dinner parties to friends having babies -- the struggle of adulthood is real, people. Scroll below to see a few hilarious and spot-on comics from Quijano.

Anemone Lost Comics

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