10 Stages of a Dining Hall Food Coma

We've all been there. You're sitting in class when your stomach starts to growl uncontrollably in the middle of a quiet lecture. Embarrassed, you wrap your arms across your tummy to suppress the noise. But it's too late. All of your classmates have heard your grumbles and there's no recovering from there.

You proceed to count down the minutes until it's time to ditch the books and grab some grub at the nearest dining hall. Here's where the ten stages of the food coma become real.

Photo by Gabby Phi

1. You enter the doors of the dining hall like:

Photo courtesy of Reactiongifs

2. You check out the various offerings, making notes of which stops to hit up.

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3. Plates on plates on plates in hand, you find a seat and take your first bite. Nothing's stopping you from enjoying your meal.

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4. After sampling a few items, you and your friends discuss which foods are worth going back for. (All of them?)

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5. Must. Keep. Eating. Isn't that the point of a buffet?

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6. You start to feel your pants/shorts/skirt getting tighter.

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See what happens next, here. It might be uncomfortably familiar.