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10-Step 'Weigh' to a Healthy Body

Never wait until tomorrow, the years slip away, guilt sets in, and weight returns. There is no room for guilty feelings in a successful, sustainable weight loss.
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"I know what to do; I just have to do it." Have you heard yourself say this time and time again? Do you really know what to do?

How many times have you tried the same commercial diet plan because of the actress touting her success, the registration is free, you'll receive a free giveaway, or there's a discount on packaged food? The odds are your dedication to that diet plan was short-lived because it was born from commercialism. How many times have you revisited the same diet program and each time you started, you were a little heavier? Common sense is the best approach to sustained weight loss and optimal health, yet it's the method least used.

You possess within you everything needed for a healthy body weight and sustained weight management. You have your brain for knowledge, reason, and self-love; your body to move; and your mouth to feed. With knowledge, you will instinctively know what works for you. Reason will help you to sort through all the hype, myths, and marketing ploys. Self-love will constantly keep you aware of the importance of caring for yourself.

Maybe you know what to do, but you just don't know how to implement your plan. If you're waiting for the perfect time or until you are ready, your may never achieve a healthy body weight. Capture the moment, and make now the perfect time.

Practice my 10-Step "Weigh" to a Healthy Body:

  1. Keep smiling! A smiling person has an easier time losing weight. Breathe deeply and practice moderation and patience. Always remember that the only day that matters in your weight loss/weight management process is today.

  • Boredom leads you to digress to eating the foods that caused you to be overweight. Think outside the box and combine foods you have never combined before. You'll be amazed what you enjoy.
  • Include vegetables in all meals and snacks. Vegetables alone are not a complete meal. When you combine a protein and/or a carbohydrate, meals and snacks will sustain you longer.
  • Make sure you include small amounts of fat each day and always include dairy products, or their alternatives such as soy or almond milk.
  • Increase water intake by drinking a cup of water before you drink any other item, and drink one cup of hot water with lemon each day.
  • Eat seasonally. Enjoy all the foods that are available for the season. This ensures you are eating fresh, natural foods, rather than processed foods.
  • Eat as close to the natural state of a food as possible. For example, choose foods without nutrition labels. Eat a potato in place of French fries or chips, or chicken in place of chicken sausage. Make foods with a nutrition label the exception, not the rule.
  • Include fruit each day, realizing that for some, eating fruit alone will cause you to feel hungry. Include a protein item with fruit. Beware of the hand-to-mouth motion, whether it's fruit, carrots, or a calorie-laden product.
  • In order to attain and keep a healthy body weight, treat sweets, alcohol, and other foods that are not "weight-loss friendly" as special food. Use them sparingly, carefully, and in control.
  • Empower yourself. If you feel you have overeaten something, there is no time like the present to gain control. Go back to the step you need to practice.
  • Never wait until tomorrow, the years slip away, guilt sets in, and weight returns. There is no room for guilty feelings in a successful, sustainable weight loss.