The 10 Steps To Mastering A Morning Korean Skin Care Routine

Plus, the three steps to prioritize if you're short on time and money.
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Developing a skin care routine that works for your skin and for your lifestyle takes time, especially since your skin’s needs can change with the season, stress and age.

After experiencing a sudden change in my skin that resulted in random breakouts and my emergency concealer becoming an everyday necessity, I decided it was time to switch up the skin care ritual that had been working for me for three years — and found the Korean skin care routine to be a good fit for me.

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Korean skin care is centered around a philosophy of taking care of your skin and getting to the root of the issue rather than covering it up with makeup. It has also earned a reputation for being extensive, with some routines recommending anywhere from five to 10 steps.

If you’re like me, the idea of applying 10 different products to your face seems exhausting and expensive, even on a #SelfCareSunday. The good news is you don’t actually have to follow all 10 steps every day (or at all, for that matter) to see results.

We spoke with Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam — an online destination for Korean skin care and beauty products since 2012 (it’s basically the Sephora of K-beauty) — to breakdown the brand’s “10-step Korean skin care routine” and the steps you should never skip.

Soko Glam

“I coined the ‘10-step Korean skin care routine’ back in 2013 as an educational tool on how to use the various steps and incorporate them into your routine,” Cho said. “I always remind everyone that you don’t need to use 10 steps every single day, it’s simply an informative guide on what the possibilities are whether you want to start with three steps, five steps or more”

If you’re looking to stick to a simple skin care routine, Cho said cleansing, prepping, treating and protecting are essential for healthy, glowing skin. So you can skip an exfoliant and save your sheet masks for a rainy day — but double cleansing, toning, treatments and moisturizing should really be done at least once a day to get the best results.

Below, we’ve rounded up best-selling products for each step, as well as how to use them. Click through below:

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