10 Steps to Your Most Heavenly Bath Ever

The most essential factor for total decompression? Silence. Leave your phone in the other room. Tune out the noisiness of the world. Breathe.
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There's nothing like a long, steamy, fragrant soak to soothe our bodies and revive our minds. So why, pray tell, do we treat ourselves to them so seldomly?

If you need some incentive, this ten step guide to creating your most blissed-out bath experience ever should be just the ticket.

#1. Find the Quiet
The most essential factor for total decompression? Silence. Leave your phone in the other room. Tune out the noisiness of the world. Breathe.


#2. Dim the Lighting
Turn down the lights for a soothing ambience, then burn a candle (or three). The warm, flickering light and aromatic scent will make your bathroom feel much more spa-like.


#3. Set the Temperature
Run the water hot, but not too hot. Select your preference to the touch, but bare in mind that water temp should be no more than 95 to 101°F. Any hotter will actually irritate your nervous system and make it harder to relax.


#4. Add Some Salt
Sprinkle Epsom salts into your tub as it begins to fill. These small miracles dissolve in water to soothe aching muscles, ease cramping, relieve stress, increase circulation and even detoxify your skin. Trust us, you'll feel the difference.


#5. Add Some Suds
Next, pour some grown-up bubble bath in right where the faucet stream meets bath water. Not only will this pamper your skin, the scent and comforting bubbles will help you reach a deeper state of relaxation.


#6. Sip and Soak
This is a time to sit back and fully indulge. Our indulgences of choice? A crisp glass of white wine or soothing herbal tea to drink at leisure, depending on the mood.


#7. Lather Up
Clean skin is healthy skin. Work a rich, moisturizing bar soap into foamy lather and cleanse from head to toe.


#8. Exfoliate Well
Before bathtime's over, use a soft bristle body brush or loofah to gently buff, rid dead skincells and reveal your softest skin.


#9. Dry Off
Getting out of the bath is never easy. But it will be lightyears better if you're wrapping up in a plush, cozy robe afterward.


#10. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Once you'e properly dried, treat your skin to one last layer of pampering: A restorative, ultra-moisturizing body oil...then promptly crawl into bed silky smooth and squeaky clean.


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