10 Stylish Kitchen Items Every Home Should Have

You can do better than empty takeout boxes.
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By Jack Archer for DETAILS.

You can do better than empty takeout boxes.


1. Magimix By Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster
Making toast in the AM has never looked so good. ($249.95)


2. SMEG Refrigerator
This retro Italian designed refrigerator has a style that's as elegant as it is unique. A total game changer for any kitchen. ($1,999.00)


3. Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker
This can go from beans to brew in less than a minute and look damn good while doing it.


4. Marble Cutting Board
A cutting board that works double time by going from slicing to serving with ease. ($39.00)


5. JM & Sons Apron
Not every apron looks like Lilly Pulitzer designed it. Here's a masculine and slick one made from raw canvas and genuine leather that will keep your outfit sharp while you cook up a storm. ($96.98)


6. Magnetic Kitchen Timer
This is a low-cost item that will add a lot of vintage style to your kitchen. Sure, your iPhone can keep track of the time just fine, but there's something about the analog nature of this that makes using it while cooking feel more elegant. ($16.00)


7. Mermaid Bottle Opener
This cast iron mermaid bottle opener manages to be fun and interesting without looking tacky. Cracking open a cold one with the wine opener you have laying just doesn't compete with this. ($9.95)


8. Diptyque Baies Noir Grand Candle
A gigantic candle that will smell amazing for hours and hours, but once finished and washed out, makes for a decorative container that can keep things like wooden utensils organized. ($275.00)


9. Tivoli Audio Bluetooth Speaker
Music makes everything better, especially when you're slaving away for a dinner party or stuck with dish duty at the end of the night. This speaker from Tivoli is both aesthetically beautiful and capable of pumping out some serious sound. ($259.99)


10. Simplehuman Steel Frame Dish Rack
Often overlooked, about 95% of even the nicest kitchens have a plastic dish rack that looks like it belongs on the shelf of a 99 cent store. This alternative from Simplehuman has a solid stainless steel frame that matches nicely with most upscale kitchen appliances. ($80.00)

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