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10 Sunset Destinations in the U.S. to Be Grateful For (Photos)

I wish that I could say that I make time for the sunset every day. I don't. I take it for granted. But when I do make time for myself, and the people I love - - I always try to include panoramic views of sunset hues.
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That moment when pinks and orange meet a horizon, my spirit dances.

It doesn't matter where in the world I am, a sunset makes me smile.

It's simple.

It's natural.

It's good.

It's real.

It's free.

A sunset is like a real kiss. A sunset is like a real laugh. A sunset is God's way of hugging the earth and sending His love.

It's a reminder that all good things, and all bad things come to an end, beyond our control. A reminder that we are a small part of something much greater in the world.

Yet, despite reminding us how decimal we are, it serves as an icon on how something so simple, so trivial, so common place can be so spectacular.

It's these things that are the greatest - the sunset, the laugh, the kiss, the hug, the smile, and our freedom -- that we take for granted.

Sometimes, we miss out on the sunset or on the people, places, and things we love because we are too busy. Don't get me started on the glorification of "busy."

I wish that I could say that I make time for the sunset every day. I don't. I take it for granted. But when I do make time for myself, and the people I love - - I always try to include panoramic views of sunset hues.

I hope that the next time you experience the weaving colors of passion as a backdrop to your day's end, that you remember how even the simplest of things can be the greatest.

And be grateful.

Every year for Thanksgiving, my mother invites our friends and family to go around a circle, and say out loud what we are grateful for.

I have so much to be grateful for; but more above an adventurous life of travel and an unconventional career, I am grateful for the "little" things I often take for granted.

The people, the moments, the unconditional support I've had from family, friends, and strangers I have yet to meet in person.

I am grateful for you.

Along with a panel of photographers, here's a few sunsets to chase across the United States... enjoy!

1. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

"Horseshoe Bend just outside Page, Arizona is the perfect location to watch a sunset. You can sit on the edge of the canyon with the Colorado River 1,000 feet below, winding around the full 270 degree bend. The best part is the sun drops right behind the bend and the limestone walls glow orange in the setting sun." - Sean Ensch

2. Katami National Park, Alaska

"Alaska is my favorite place to watch the sunset because its remote landscape and beautiful wildlife come together for the greatest show on earth." - Ty Schmitt

3. Lake Cushman, Washington

"When you see something beautiful... stay awhile. Enjoy it like a champ!" - Jonathan Sweet

4. Devil's Lake, Michigan

A sunset at Devils Lake is always accompanied by the sounds of family and friends both enjoying the final rays of the day, as well as, preparing a campfire to enjoy as nighttime arrives. The best location to view a sunset is wherever you are with your family and friends! - Eric Ward, @LittleCoal

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5. New York City

"When you get a good sunset in NYC, you get a really good sunset. And if you're really lucky, you're in the exact right place at the exact right time and the sunset feels a lot like magic." - Branden Harvey

6. Pretty Much Any California Beach - Pictured: El Matador Beach, Malibu

"There's something magical about this strip of beach, and it never fails to deliver at sunset. Lined with strange and jagged rock formations/caves, there are endless opportunities for finding unique compositions and new perspectives. Although it's become quite the popular spot for photographers, most people tend to clear out around sunset for some reason. My favorite sunsets here have been when the tide is low and the beach is easier to navigate." - Kyle Huber

El Matador beach is one of those places where you just can't get a bad sunset. You can catch a thousand sunsets there and never tire of them. If you haven't spent an evening there, I double dare you to. - Jefte Sanchez

7. Southern Utah | Pictured: Monument Valley, Utah

"The dominant red sandstone features of the Southern Utah desert provide a perfect setting for the sun to paint the sky. This Native American land has a rich connection with natural energy and it's a wonderful place to be outside." -Dustin Wong Photography @NaturFormSpirit

8. Avalanche Lake, Montana

"There is nothing like an amazing sunset. Even though I see one everyday, I'm always surprised at the originality of the world we live in. This one was in glacier national park at Avalanche Lake! One of my favorite places on earth!" -- @MatthiasJBarker

9. Miami, Florida

"That was probably the best sunset I ever saw. I like this spot because you can see the whole cityscape of downtown Miami." - Shooter Shane

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10. Columbia City, Indiana

"There is no greater joy for me than taking a drive and chasing an Indiana sunset. The open farm land, the trees and the beautiful skies all contribute to a perfect shot." - Dave Temple, @Kewiki

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