15 Times Swiss Chard Was Just As Good As Kale (If Not Better)

It's no longer the lesser green.

Swiss chard often gets overlooked for the more common leafy green, spinach. And it's been getting the shaft even more as a result of kale's growing popularity. While spinach and kale are both valuable greens, and they have an important place in our meals, so too is chard; and it deserves more recognition from you guys.

This leafy green is just all around good for you. According to the World's Healthiest Foods website, chard "is truly one of the vegetable valedictorians with its exceptionally impressive list of health-promoting nutrients." Not only is it full of nutrition, but sometimes it bears colorful stalks that make it very beautiful, too -- and they add nice bright pinks, reds and yellows to your dish.

Black Bean And Sweet Potato Tacos With Swiss Chard Pesto

Swiss Chard Recipes

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