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10 Things a Little Girl With Autism Has to Get Off Her Chest

My meltdowns are far worse for me than they are for you.
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1. Your quiet dinners are interfering with my exploration of the fancy restaurants.

2. Your social norms are confusing and they are seriously harshing on my mellow.

3. Your gender stereotypes are lame and teaching girls all the wrong things. Turtle Power!

4. Your lists of milestones are making all the parents panic. Relax.

5. I'm not ready for the potty. My age is irrelevant.

6. I'm smarter than you think and cooler than you know.

7. A hug-attack is an appropriate way to greet a stranger.

8. I often tell you many times, with non-verbal cues, to back off before I bite you.

9. My meltdowns are far worse for me than they are for you.

10. My parents DO NOT want your advice.