10 Scandals That Totally Rocked American Apparel (PHOTOS)

10 Scandals That Totally Rocked American Apparel

American Apparel may attract a forward-thinking customer with its made-in-America image. But the retailer has certainly accrued its fair share of scandals along the way.

Just this week, a judge allowed a lawsuit to proceed alleging the company lied to investors about its financial performance back in 2009, one year before American Apparel's financial troubles went public, Law360 reports.

Today the company is on much stabler financial footing. But in the past decade alone, the company has dealt with scandals including alleged sexual harassment, the supposed sexualization of young models and workplace complaints.

American Apparel spokesperson Peter Schey, who did not immediately respond to comment regarding the investor lawsuit, says all the incidents have only strengthened the company and improved the lives of its roughly 10,000 employees. The company now has worker policies that go above and beyond what the law requires.

"It's not like mistakes have been made and we've ignored them and made things even worse, it is a situation where we've tried to learn from those mistakes," Schey told HuffPost in an interview. "Every mistake is an opportunity to learn how to do things better from the standpoint of the workers."

Here are 10 scandals that totally rocked American Apparel:

Its CEO Has Been Repeatedly Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Scandals That Rocked American Apparel

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