11 Areas Of Dissatisfaction In The U.S. Workplace: Gallup

11 Areas Of Dissatisfaction In The U.S. Workplace

Of all the aspects of the workplace, it's with health insurance benefits that satisfaction is most quickly dropping, according to a recent survey from Gallup.

Asked which aspects of their jobs they like most and least, 30 percent of those surveyed said they were dissatisfied with employer health care benefits. That's up from 19 percent just three years ago, the largest percent increase of any of Gallup's 13 job-satisfaction indicators.

Most of those polled appeared to be more or less satisfied with the conditions of their respective work places -- who they work with, the work required of them and their bosses. People are less content with what they receive in compensation, however. Of those polled, 28 percent expressed dissatisfaction with retirement benefits offered by their employers and 26 percent with their chances of receiving a promotion, for example.

Overall, general employee job satisfaction is down to 83 percent, compared to 90 percent before the recession, and it's the unemployment crisis that is said to be the primary culprit, according to Gallup. Now with many more workers available than jobs, employees put up with less favorable conditions for fear of not finding another job, while companies continue to cut costs.

In this way, job security has also suffered. The same poll found that 30 percent of workers feared being laid off in the near future, close an all-time high. The concern would seem at least partially justified, as the poll took place less than a month after it was reported that layoffs had surged to a 16-month high. Indeed, while current unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent, a much larger percentage than that is suffering. It was recently reported that 16.2 percent of working age Americans are jobless, underemployed or have dropped out of the work force after giving up hope of finding employment.

Here are the ten areas with the most worker dissatisfaction, according to Gallup:

11. Flexibility Of Schedule

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