10 Things Every College Student Should Have In Their Kitchen, According To Reddit

10 Things Every College Student Should Have In Their Kitchen

If you are a college student who is attempting to navigate a kitchen for the first time, this is for you.

The awesome people of Reddit have shared a list of all the things you should stock up on before you embark on the journey of becoming a real-life adult who cooks. Scroll down for 10 items you should purchase ASAP, and click here to read the entire thread.

1. "A crockpot is a great thing to have around and learn how to use. You just toss some broth, meat and veggies in, go to class, and then come back to delicious homemade soup. You can cook roasts in there, make awesome dips and stuff (my roommates make a super delicious bean dip in the crock pot). Yeah!" - juzoe

crock pot

2. "A can opener and a two-sided bottle opener. One with a pointy side so you can puncture cans filled with liquid. (I.e. cans of stock or broth). Then, get a little magnet and stick it to your fridge. Bottles and cans will never stand a chance." - jewzeejew

can opener

3. "A Foreman grill. I'm out of college, and still use it almost every day. Also a toaster oven. Ain't nobody got time for a full-sized oven." - bringinthebo810


4. "One pot of dubious quality - enough to hold beans/noodles for 3-4." - falicor

pot with noodles

5. "My recommendation is, don't go for savings on bulk spices. Get the smallest one, no matter what. Spices lose flavor so quickly. No need for a pound of cinnamon." - thegregbradley


6. "A mandoline. You can cut veggies/fruit super-fast, and super-consistently. Just be careful, it's easy to get carried away and slice off one of your fingers too!" - mikebelanger


7. "Good sharp knives. Victorinox makes some great blades that can be had for under 30 dollars. Check out the Fibrox line." - Roketderp

knives set

8. "A hot plate (if you don't have a stove top)." - mkirklions

hot plate

9. "Half-sheet pan (13x18 - get two if you plan on baking cookies)" - TechnoAllah

cookie sheet

10. "Fire extinguisher. One that covers all types of fires." - crikfromcincy

fire extinguisher

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